Tired of the same old workout? Need a way to spice up your daily gym routine? Don’t worry we got you covered! Here at PSB Fitness we offer a variety of workout dance classes that will whip you into shape! Our offerings are designed to include many different types of workout styles because we are aware that not everyone wants to lift weights and run on the treadmill to get the body and healthy lifestyle they desire.

Dance Classes!

PSB Fitness zeroes in on Canada’s multicultural society and wants everyone to feel welcome which is why we offer culturally based dance workout classes such as:

Bollywood Nights in Mississauga dance classes for fitness

Salsa Classes in Mississauga

Bachata Classes in Mississauga

Zumba Classes in Mississauga

Island Vibes Dance Classes in Mississauga

Powwow Sweat Dance Classes in Mississauga

Covid-19 Protocols:

Taking into account the changes happening in the world around us and with Covid-19 on the spread we want our customers to feel safe in our gyms. Having partnered up with Clorox and Lysol we ensure you that PSB Fitness is taking cleanliness as our utmost top priority, regular health screening will be mandatory when entering the facility and full vaccination is required.

For those who are still not comfortable working out in the gym we offer virtual services as well where you can download our PSB Fitness app and log in to start your workout right from home!

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many things, but it has also taken a lot away from us as well.  One of these things might include social skills, for too long have we been confined to our stay-at-home orders and not being able to go outside.

Gym Buddy is a part of the accompanying app that brings a new way to connect with fellow club members and Sheridan students.  Users can connect with each other and find people with similar fitness goals to work out with.  Working out with a partner is not only a safer option because you always have a spotter, but it is also good to have another person support and motivate you in the gym.

dance classes for fitness

We want everyone to feel safe in our facilities, check out the current COVID-19 guidelines here.

Value Memberships:

We understand how difficult this pandemic has been for everyone and their wallets which is why we accommodate the fluctuation in the market with our pricing here at PSB. We offer our 3 different membership options:

PSB Virtual






Access to Accompany App x x x
Online Nutritionist x x x
Online Nutritionist x x x
Personalized Workouts x x x
State of the art equipment x x
Cardio for Miles x x
1st class with a Personal Trainer x x
Full Access to both Gyms x
Bring a Guest x
Dance Classes x
Unlimited Hydromassage x
Discounted Drinks x
Annual fee of $59.99 for each member covers the cost of maintenance to equipment and facilities. Fee excluded for virtual exclusive members.


We stand in this fight against Covid-19 together and want you to know that PSB has your back which is why we started our customer loyalty referral program! You can receive rewards to referrals and use those points earned in the gym for free items or services such as a discounted gear (weight lifting, belts, straps, chalk, shakers, gloves), 1-hour free personal coaching, or free hydromassages!


Over at PSB Fitness we want our customers to educate, learn and train their minds – bodies – and souls! We offer personal training where you can have a one-on-one session with a trainer to achieve your fitness goals. Your goals are our goals, so let’s achieve them together!

Sign up today!

Protein Drink Bar in Mississauga Gym

Looking for an Affordable Gym That Has a Protein Drink Bar in Mississauga?

This is to say, you are in the right spot because we have a protein drink bar in our Mississauga gym! PSB Fitness at Hazel McCallion campus is here to make your life easier after a busy day at school or work. Our protein shake and smoothie bar welcomes you with a professional nutritionist at your service. We are here to cater to your needs with a personalized pre workout and/or post workout drink for your desires.

A look at our protein drink bar in our Mississauga gym
A look at our protein shake bar located inside PSB Fitness

Most importantly, PSB Fitness is here to offer you an affordable gym with a delicious protein shake and smoothie bar. In addition, we have a nutritionist here to create and customize your own drink or choose from the available options on the menu. We have over 25 different flavours of protein powder, a large variety of fruits, vegetables, juices, and milks to add in your smoothies, lactose intolerant, organic, vegan, and gluten free options, and boosters for your workout needs.

three of our protein shake powders that are vegan and organic
Some of our organic and vegan protein powder options

Our protein shake bar is for students who have a busy schedule between work and classes, don’t have time to eat multiple meals in a day, or don’t know what products to use in their shakes. This is to say, PSB Fitness offers the ultimate one-stop-shop for all gym goers. Above all, we have lounge area for you be social amongst each other to create a strong community of people who enjoy the gym and love to sweat. And, the space is also for you to enjoy your drinks while being able get work done before or after a workout if needed.

What Do We Offer?

Learn about what our protein drink bar in Mississauga offers

When approaching our protein shake bar, you will see a large, curated menu with set prices, for different workout needs. Whether you need a pre workout boost or a post workout recovery drink, we got you and your muscles covered. But, if you customize your own drink, the prices will vary depending on what items you choose. We have three different sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large. Or you can purchase a reusable cup to use each time you visit PSB Fitness’s protein shake bar.

four of our best selling protein drinks
Our top selling smoothies and protein shakes
Variety of protein powders we offer





Are You a Member?

If you become a member at PSB Fitness you will have full access to the gym and our protein shake bar. In addition, a membership includes an incentive for avid gym members with three free medium drinks per month. This is a reward for your consistent hard work in the gym and dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Students working out at the Mississauga gym

Why PSB Fitness is for You!

PSB offers a large number of amenities that caters to everyone’s needs. For instance, we offer personal training services, aerobics, yoga and cycling classes, online training services, and much more. This gym is for students who live a busy life, and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle to reach their fitness goals. On top of the extras that PSB Fitness offers, there is our protein drink bar in our Mississauga gym available to you. We are here for you to enjoy a drink of your choice to get the protein you need! To sum up, whether you are on the go with a busy lifestyle, need a “pick me up” after a long workout, or if you are craving a delicious drink…PSB Fitness got you covered with our protein shake and smoothie bar. More information about PSB Fitness can be found here.

Sign up today and get 20% off your first protein shake at PSB Fitness with a membership!

For more information, check out our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Online Workouts Sheridan College Mississauga

Are you busy in your life with school, feeling like you have assignments nonstop while trying to maintain your social life? Well, PSB Fitness has got you covered, it is important to stay healthy in life. Working out doesn’t only keep your body healthy but also your mind. With the new PSB Fitness app we offer online workouts at Sheridan College Mississauga we are making it easier for you to workout wherever you are through the app to fit into your busy schedules.

What is The PSB Fitness App?

Female working out online at her home
Online workouts at home through your smartphones or laptops

The PSB fitness app offers seamless workouts for students who find their schedule to be very busy and overwhelming. This provides online workouts from Sheridan College Mississauga where we have our instructors who run and organize the online workouts so that students can do the workout wherever they want through their smartphone.

How To Get To The App

Female working out online at her home
Scan QR code to get your fitness journey started!

To make it easier for students to find the app, we have placed QR codes all around both Mississauga and Brampton campuses. All students must do is scan the code and it will directly take you to the app store to download the app.

Another way we have provided ways to the app is links in the bios of our social media, links that are provided through our social media posts, and links on the PSB Fitness app where you can also do your workouts through. The PSB Fitness app it here to make is easier for you and more accessible that traveling to a gym every time

We truly want everyone to be healthy and have a healthy mind which will lead to more productivity, and we understand not everyone has the time to work out. Life can be very busy and overwhelming for students, and we want to take that weight off your shoulders. With the app you will have access to all kinds of workouts and even mediation classes to keep your mind clear.

Great Prices

Being a student can be very hard when it comes to expenses. It’s hard to find a job while in school and a lot of students find themselves in debt. PSB Fitness membership starts at an affordable price for luxury service. Some students may find this a bit high but the benefits that you receive from this membership are through the roof, we are talking about access to both campus gyms, online classes and workouts, meditation classes, personal trainers that are available in person or online. We are here to offer the best options to you

Female working out through smartphone
Online workouts Sheridan College Mississauga online through smartphone


The PSB Fitness app also provides students access to both Mississauga and Brampton campus gyms. All students need to do is scan the code on your phone and you have full access to the gyms. This gives students another way of working out if they have time on their schedule to come workout in the gym or if they are already on the campus and want to workout

But Wait There’s More!

 Sign up today and start your free trial for the first month to get a feeling of what PSB Fitness has to offer you. you can find all the information you need on the PSB Fitness website


Social Gym Events for Students

High quality gym equipment in an empty gym
Exercise machines at PSB Fitness Gym.

About our Gym

PSB Fitness is a social gym for students that offer many events to make having friends easier. Opening March 2022, introducing a new gym founded by two Sheridan college Alumni, and experienced fitness instructors, Jessie and Matt. They envisioned a gym specifically made for young adults and students who lead busy lifestyles but still want to prioritize their health.

Why choose PSB Fitness as your Gym?

A gym made for students looking for friends

Our gym is unlike any other with the newest and best quality equipment, so you can focus on your fitness goals. We offer treadmills, bicycles, stair climbers and more to get your heart rate up. Enjoy our weight room so you can hit your newest personal record. Check out our many other fitness machines that are perfect for beginners. For our ladies we have included a women’s only room to ensure comfort, and confidence for all. For low impact cardio or a post-workout cool down we offer a luxury saltwater pool, included in all memberships. If you’re looking for a toxin-cleanse our sauna is perfect for you, whether it’s after a good workout or before your eight am class, you’re welcome to enjoy a good steam. On active rest days, our yoga room fitted with mats, and calming music, is perfect.

When you’re not enjoying our fitness rooms, we offer a locker room with key-code locks, so you’ll never forget yours, and a change-room with showers that offer personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, shaving cream, and much more. If our physical facilities are not enough for you, our staff are experienced gym-goers filled with knowledge and willing to help. Still not confident? Set up a meeting with our certified personal fitness trainer, Matt. Every new member gets one free half hour to get you started, any time after that is available for an additional fee.

Gym Location and Hours

Exercise with us all-day

Located at the Sheridan HMC campus it is so easy for students and staff to find time to workout. Our gym has a no-judgment culture than ensures even gym-newcomers feel comfortable to hit new personal records, ask questions, and make friends. We believe that it is incredibly important for youth to begin to invest in their health, so we offer student-inspired pricing so you can get fit without worrying about expenses. Our gym is open 24/7, 365 days a year. For your convenience, just tap your membership and come on in. We have on site security all hours of the day to ensure your safety.

Social Gym Events for students

PSB Fitness hosts weekly social gym events for students to meet one another. During these events we offer fitness tips, drinks, and health snack tastings. We also offer a monthly athlete influencer led fitness class for our members to get the chance to learn from a seasoned gym-goer. Furthermore, every Sunday we offer a social swim so you can prioritize your health while making friends. In addition to our in-person fitness classes, we have a Youtube Channel. Our channel named PSB Fitness Canada offers in-depth fitness tutorials, proper gym etiquette, and machine how-to videos.

Students at our social event at our gym

One of our social events at PSB Fitness

Join Us Now

To be a part of our social event community!

Join us now! At our Grand opening, we are offering a fitness class led by Torontonian Gym Shark athlete, Taylor Learmont. To register for a membership, visit our website at PSB FITNESS or visit us in person at the Sheridan HMC campus. For Sheridan students, we offer a one-week free trial, so come on down and see our facility. On top of that the first 100 students who sign up for a membership will receive a swag bag. Our swag back includes a PSB Fitness logoed gym bag containing a t-shirt, water bottle, and wireless earbuds. While you’re at the gym, we encourage you to take gym selfies in our full-length mirrors. Tag us in your story for the chance to win a free six months with us.


Stop by and check out our gym, we’re so excited to meet you!

Lets Get Social!


Intense and Fun Workout Classes in Mississauga

people enjoying an intense and fun workout class

Join us for an intense and fun workout in Mississauga!

Looking for fun, quick and intense group workout classes in Mississauga? We’ve got you covered!

Offering a wide variety of workout options, PSB Fitness is the perfect place for anyone. Looking for strength training, yoga classes or an intense workout? PSB Fitness will be able to satisfy your all needs. From the common gym area equipped with machines to the steam room and massage chairs, you will be able to workout, relax, have fun and recover. Join us now for intense and fun workout classes in Mississauga!

We offer:

  • Personal training
  • Yoga studio
  • Steam room
  • Massage chairs
  • Machines area
  • Virtual classes on our app
  • Instructor-led cardio and strength classes including:
    • Zumba
    • HIIT
    • Spinning

We understand that working out and staying consistent may be difficult. This is why we pride ourselves in offering quick, fun, engaging and intense workouts that going make your trip to the gym more fun and motivating.

fun and intense group workout class

Virtual Classes

Unable to hit the gym? hit it at home! PSB Fitness offers virtual instructor-led workouts to help you stay consistent. Simply download our app and choose a video that you like.


Are you a student? Get 20% off your membership today!

PSB Fitness is conveniently located on Sheridan College campus to offer students an affordable, diversified workout hub that fits with their busy schedules.

Not a student?

Take advantage of our classic and premium memberships

  • Classic Membership: $20.99/bi-weekly (plus $60 enrollment)
  • Premium Membership: $27.99/bi-weekly (plus $60 enrollment)

5 reasons why you should free yourself from the “summer body” pressure!

The pressure to have a specific body for the summer can be very motivating when used in a positive way. However, this pressure played a great role in hurting individuals and mostly young girls who suffer from body image issues. Here is why you should free yourself from the “summer body” pressure:

  1. You don’t need a “bikini body”, just your body
  2. Focusing on being strong and healthy will make you happier in the long-term than just focusing on the scale or societal expectations
  3. The body will follow when you start focusing on the important things!
  4. Who knows? you could gain a permanent summer body
  5. You are worth all the love and discipline you invest in yourself

Girl laying down in the sun after workout

Quick, Fun and Intense Workout of the Day!


Stay Connected!

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Fat loss weight training Oakville

Weight loss on treadmill
The indoor facility of PSB gym

People’s life might become rather stressful as a result of their jobs, school, or social commitments. Being healthy is one of life’s most important components, which is why a PSB gym in Sheridan, Oakville, Ontario, opened by weight-loss coaches, will begin its Fat Loss Weight Training program. Because it delivers reliable mental insights, the Fat Loss Weight Training Program is highly beneficial. in addition to physical health Cardiovascular fitness, agility, and weight training will be the focus of this workout. Rope conditioning is a full-body workout. It demands consistent and punctual movement. Both fat reduction and muscle building are possibilities. This strategy is also used by professional athletes. It is very helpful for every person who joins the gym. Do these exercises because with that they will become more healthy, fit and get the perfect shape of the body.

The specified location is a fitness center in Oakville, Ontario. Regardless matter whether you want to focus on athletics or your personal wellness. Soccer, football, and basketball can all be practiced. This will allow you to be more productive and achieve results faster. Indoor sports training like roping, cardio exercises, jumping, chest exercises, leg exercises, and many more. Activities are also a great strategy to reduce weight. Sports require not just physical strength, but also cardiovascular endurance. There inside is a good space to help with your running, endurance, speed, and acceleration. Doing cardio workouts help transform and define your muscle, weight and build stamina both mentally and physically. Apart from that, there is a separate place for meditation and some yoga activities which is also very good for mental health, and the new generation must do these exercises.

3 ladies doing yoga
Indoor yoga studio


Now only one location for PSB gym is available in Sheridan college Oakville for students and others for gym exercise and training.


Hassle Free Gym HMC

Are you looking for a fully integrated, seamless, and flexible workout experience close to HMC and Brampton campus without the hassle of your typical gym? If so, PSB Fitness has YOUR solution! 

No longer are the days of having to schedule your life around health and wellness, causing unnecessary stress and strain on your mind and body. PSB Fitness offers its members a unique, fully integrated experience where they can schedule their health around their life. Are you tired of being hassled for gym membership cancellations or premium membership upgrades. PSB Fitness prides itself on putting its members and their workout routines and schedules as priority #1! Hassle Free Gym available at HMC Campus and Davis Campus.


What does PSB Fitness’ “hassle free” gym do for me other than be another gym?

At PSB Fitness we prioritize our hassle-free attitude not just for our cancellation policy, but rather as an overall motto. Our members to feel like their workout is THEIR workout instead of just another person trying to be healthy. We make sure that your needs are met, from scheduling, to integration, to even offering at home workouts for that seamless experience.

4 panel Drake meme format comparing other gyms policies and features with PSB Fitness hassle free gym
PSB Fitness Prioritizes No-Hassle.

Ways PSB Fitness is striding ahead of the personal fitness industry with hassle free standards:

  1. We offer both in person and remote training with our fully integrated mobile app “PSB Fitness Remote”. You can base your workout schedule flexibly, rather then having to cram your responsibilities for a strictly in-person facility.


  1. What other gyms might call their “members” we call our “PSB Family” because here at PSB Fitness, you ARE family!


  1. We offer remote, hassle-free membership cancellation guaranteed policy, in case you need to or want to cancel your PSB membership. This can be done through the PSB Fitness Remote app with just the click of a button and an email confirmation.


  1. We offer our members luxury level service and facilities that you might find in some high-end gyms, but at a fraction of the cost with our membership being $20 per month.


  1. PSB Fitness offers flexibility for students who lead busy lifestyles by offering a 2-for-1 membership. Once you are signed up with PSB Fitness you can access the HMC Campus facilities as well as the Brampton Campus facilities to ensure the maximum amount of flexibility and access for our PSB Family.


  1. The PSB Fitness Remote app offers members at home workouts with the option for our innovative “social workout feature”. This allows members can video call with their gym buddies or friends and have group workout sessions. This feature is for members who cannot workout in person and want the same social interaction that they would get if they were in person.


  1. PSB Fitness’ priority lies with our members busy lifestyles, between work, school and personal life. Many students don’t have the time to schedule gym visits. With our newly introduced “quick chat” feature on the PSB Fitness Remote app, members can schedule in person workout sessions and consult personal trainers for tips and guidance for their at-home workouts.
A man holding two weights
PSB Fitness Training.

Try out PSB Fitness and PSB Fitness Remote today!

We offer the first week of membership FREE! So, what are you waiting for? Join the PSB Family today!


Hassle Free Gym, available at HMC Campus & Davis Campus!

Join our giveaway!

For the first 100 members to join PSB Fitness and download our PSB Fitness Remote app. We will be giving away a PSB Branded gym bag as well as decompression straps to help you stretch your muscle groups before your seamless, hassle-free workout!

Only Applicable for paid memberships. Free first week memberships do not apply to the giveaway.

Gym Affordable Classes Mississauga

We understand how difficult it can be to locate the most suitable gym. That’s why our aim is to make your visits to our stress-relieving Mississauga gym with workout classes as simple, convenient, and affordable as possible to suit your needs! 

Physical activity is for everyone! Consider PSB Fitness as your coaching destination. Regardless of how many reps you can complete and just how much availability you have out of your day. Exercise, techniques, and encouragement will help you make each drop of sweat pay. This is why the new PSB Fitness Gym located in Mississauga, Ontario is the place to chose. An affordable variety of workouts and classes at your convenience. This is useful information that you should use with certainty. It’s not only about hitting the gym to become in shape. What you consume, how much sleep you get, and how well you rebound are all factors. This is where you’ll find advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to get much out of your training.

View of our Gym Affordable Workout
Side view of a woman running on a treadmill.

You can exercise whenever and wherever you choose.

When it comes to fitness, everyone is different. We offer online live, not pre-recorded, lessons with licensed trainers, unlike the bulk of online fitness and yoga schools. At a low cost, you may get in shape with a personal online trainer and arrange a session at a time that works best for you. In addition to that, with our facilities open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you’ll be joining the most convenient gym in the world!

What do we offer?

For those social birds out there, PSB Fitness has your back with the most gym affordable workout classes & exercise passes, here at  Mississauga! These passes provide you with a wider range of classes as well as more convenient class times. Muscle Pump, Spinning, Bootcamp, Cycle-fit, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and more are just a few of the classes we offer. We also provide drop-ins if you don’t like the concept of committing to a pass.

Workout Class
The indoor facility of PSB Fitness

Our Physiotherapists – apart from Personal Trainers –  are trained in proper body dynamics and have a thorough understanding of them. As a result, they will be able to evaluate and examine your muscle, bone, and joint issues in order to determine the source of your discomfort. They can create workouts that are tailored to your individual chronic health problems or injuries in order to heal you holistically.


A new sport in town?

For our adventurous customers that like trying new things out; we will be one of the first gyms to introduce Padel Tennis in Ontario. Padel is a sports game that blends enjoyment and socialization with action. It’s a terrific sport for players of all ages and abilities because it’s quick and simple to learn. The majority of players pick up the guidelines within about half-hour of practice, which allows them to enjoy the experience. Players can earn more points through strategy instead of pure physical prowess.

We are dedicated to making your experience and time with us the most enjoyable portion of your day. Please don’t hesitate to join us as we’re always looking forward to welcoming our customers to the gym for a cup of joe. We can have a chat about how fitness can be used to Resynchronize & Revive Communities in Mississauga, the GTA, or even beyond.

We care about you!

PSB Fitness is dedicated and committed to properly preventing, managing, and controlling the spread of COVID-19 in order to reduce the negative health effects on our customers, their families, and employees. We’ve made some adjustments based on the public health recommendations, which will be updated as necessary. After every use, we will be sanitizing and disinfecting the machinery as well as the premises. We’ve additionally increased the length of time amongst sessions and classes.

Recovering Injury Physiotherapy Mississauga

Struggling with muscle strains and aches? Want to recover faster from training and reach peak performance? Our Recovering Injury Physiotherapy at PSB Fitness can help!

At the Mississauga, Ontario location, PSB Fitness offers Recovering Injury Physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists have extensive training in injury assessment and can detect health risks or other root causes of pain. They can identify health issues and make appropriate recommendations.

We provide a wide range of treatments that are all recommended and tailored to each individual who comes to see us. Our treatments complement the body and mind, helping to keep you pain-free and injury-free while also providing preventative measures to maintain your well-being and performance levels. Our main goal is to restore your personal well-being so that you can live a pain-free, active, and healthy life.

Recovering Injury Physiotherapy

So, what are the benefits of Recovering Injury Physiotherapy?

Regardless of your fitness goals, surely getting injured is not one of them. Sustaining an injury that limits your physical activity can be mentally and physically draining. One thing that can make this hard time a little easier is having the advice and guidance of a physiotherapist.

This is why PSB Fitness offers recovering Injury physiotherapy. Regardless of your level of athleticism, seeing a physiotherapist is critical to maintaining your physical health and preventing further damage to your body. Our physiotherapists can help you with acute care, treatment, rehabilitation, and education to prevent further injury and pain. PSB Fitness Recovering Injury Physiotherapists are well trained in injury assessment and can even spot health risks or other underlying causes of pain.

Primary care practitioner on your side.

Our trained physiotherapists will be familiar with your medical history and require you to undergo physical mobility tests. We will develop a plan tailored to your needs and will be able to guide you through the process of continuing exercise. Once the pain and swelling from your injury have subsided and you have a full range of motion, your physiotherapist can give you the green light for a gradual return.

Create your own personalized and guided plan.

Your injury is unique, and so should your treatment plan be. Something that considers your work and home demands, and even the sport or exercise you want to get back to. Our Recovering Injury Physiotherapy can assess your current state post-injury, help you in determining your goals, and develop a plan to get there. They might also suggest other treatments to help you get back into shape faster.

Help you in gaining strength and stamina.

While you may have enjoyed exercising at a certain level before your injury, it’s not a good idea to resume where you left off. Our physiotherapists will be able to tell you how hard you should push yourself. We can help you achieve the right balance by monitoring your conditioning and assigning at-home exercises. Our physiotherapist will work with you to develop a treatment plan, determining the type, frequency, and duration of exercises you’ll need to improve your strength and stamina without experiencing any setbacks.

Recovering Injury Physiotherapy

Teach you how to avoid re-injury by teaching you proper techniques.

Our physiotherapists can evaluate your technique for your sport or exercise prior to getting hurt and determine if it contributed to your injury. Then, we’ll teach you improved techniques for better performance and a lower risk of injury.

Is Recovering Injury Physiotherapy Suitable for Everyone?

Anyone who has suffered an injury and wants to return to doing the things they love in the safest and fastest way possible can benefit from Recovering Injury Physiotherapy Mississauga!


As of now, PSB Fitness is located in Mississauga, Ontario. We are available on-site at Sheridan College’s HMC and Davis campuses.

Are you ready to achieve your best results? PSB Fitness is the place to be. We can’t wait for you to take advantage of the free trial and join us soon!



Lady doing dumbbell push up renegade row
We have spaces for every fitness activity.

PSB Fitness thrives off diversification of fitness options including virtual classes, group fitness classes and personal training. This includes the common gym area equipped with machines, different fitness classes, and we even have steam rooms and massage chairs! We are the leading choice for gym goes that are looking for an inclusive and convent atmosphere to let individuals reach their own personal fitness goals.

Through the duration of Covid-19, it has been difficult to stick to a healthy fitness routine. Now that the world is coming back to normal PSB Fitness is here to help! Here are a few tips and tricks to combat the Covid blues and get back in shape! One super easy and streamlined way to get fit and stay healthy through this fitness journey is taking advantage of the ease of classes and the PSB Virtual Platform.


That we do! PSB fitness has a variety of different classes that are performed by industry-leading professionals. Our instructors are dedicated to providing each PSB member with the tools and expertise in order to lead you through your fitness journey in the best way possible. Below are some of the classes that we at PSB Fitness offer
– Zumba
– Yoga
– Spin

24/7 fitness with PSB Mississauga

PSB also has an app that offers pre-recorded classes for individuals. These classes are fun, engaging, and will be sure to help you get your sweat on! This platform is quick, easy to use on the go, and will offer a full workout in 45mins or less. This app is compatible through all smartphones or tablets and will give you hundreds of different class options for any skill set! Just download, click, and sweat- it is as easy as that!