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PSB Fitness

Where Quality Meets Convenience

In today’s age life is busy, people work, study, and often times struggle to get a quick workout in before jumping back into wherever life takes you.

Often people find themselves going to the gym less, not because they do not want to work out, but because it does not fit in their daily schedule.

At PSB we understand the struggle, and while we cannot solve the issue for everyone, we can solve the issue for students at Sheridan college, and people that live nearby.

With a fully equipped gym at your local Sheridan, you workout at your convenience, before class, after class, and any time in between, PSP fitness is there.

                                               Our Locations

Facilities and Features

  • Free use of top of the line fitness equipment
  • 1-on-1 personal training
  • Weekly group fitness classes
  • Sports coaching
  • Diet and nutrition coaching
  • Protein bar
  • Specialty rooms including a fully equipped sauna, a volleyball/basketball gym/ and massage rooms


Join our family today for the simple price of $40 a month

No need for long contracts come down to the gym and you will leave with a membership within 10 minutes.

Every aspiring member get one free 1-on-1 training with a fitness professional, come book yours today.

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Unsure about signing up? no worries come down to the gym and get a 1 week free trial on us!

Opening Hours

Mon : 8a.m – 8p.m
Tue : 8a.m – 8p.m
wed : 8a.m – 8p.m
Thurs : 8a.m – 8p.m
Fri : 8a.m – 8p.m
Sat : 8a.m – 10p.m
Sun : 8a.m – 10p.m


HMC Gymming program Missisauga 

HMC Fitness Community gym

there are many services available for the people like personal trainers, cardio theaters, cycling studio, and luxurious changing rooms and you can also take a membership for the best services. #PSBGYM #FITNESSFREAK #SHERIDANCOLLEGE

there is also a friendly and stress-free environment. open garden, where you can take fresh air after your practice in the gym.

you can also advantage of free wi-fi here available for the customers.

you can join family packs so that your family members also can reach here and join the fitness community of HMC Campus.

Monthly packs are available only for $14.99

premium packs are available for $35.99 


Fun Leagues in Downtown Mississauga!

Now coming to the HMC Sheridan Campus are two brand new and modern gyms! These new gyms offer everything a student needs to stay healthy and fit in today’s environment. With a prime location in downtown Mississauga at the HMC campus educations a healthy living have never been closer. Now is the best time to be a Sheridan student. Come and join us today!

Sheridan College
Proud to be part of the Sheridan Community


Why switch/join to PSB Fitness?

We are offering to the students of Sheridan and members of our gym a chance to participate in our brand new sports league! Our goal is to create fun leagues in Downtown Mississauga. These leagues will have you and 4 of your friends battling it out vs 5 others every week in a number of sports to change it up every week! From floor Hockey to Baseball and everything in-between!

How expansive is it?

PSB fitness has created a few payment plans to make sure as many people from all walks of life can participate in our fun leagues in downtown Mississauga

People playing floor hockey
Competitive Floor Hockey is fun for all

Its even easier (and cheaper) if you are a Sheridan student! We have plans that give you access to our leagues. As well as plans that give access to both the leagues and our fantastic gym facility!

What are you playing for?

As we want this to be open to as many people as possible, nothing will be “won”. However final scores will be kept track off and the team with the most wins will be announced at the end of the season! We are doing this to keep a sense of competition as this is something that alot of people look for.

Where can you find more information?

Everything you need can be found on our website at one.psbdigital. Be sure to check out our organisers Jessie and Matt woh together have over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and can help you become a healthier you!

New gym near Sheridan College HMC

Attention to all students attending Sheridan this fall! A new gym is actually opening at both the HMC campus and Davis campus this year. In the same buildings where you study, a full-scale fitness center is opening. Sheridan HMC is near Square One mall, in the heart of Mississauga. Sheridan Davis is the largest Sheridan campus, and the new fitness center will be a great addition to the large infrastructure of the school. The best part is that the gyms will be directly on campus, so there is always a nearby place to exercise at Sheridan, to promote fitness.

Facilities and features include:
– Full-range gym with a wide range of equipment, in the perfect location for a Gym near Sheridan College HMC
– specialty rooms include a sauna, yoga rooms, a full-size basketball court, and recovery rooms with massage equipment, with sports clubs available to sign up for.
– Health and nutrition information for dieting and supplement tips
– Group classes to meet new fitness partners
– Wide variety of classes taught by professional trainers

PSB Founders Matt and Jessie at the gym near sheridan college HMC
PSB Founders Matt and Jessie

Founders Jessie and Matt are Sheridan College PSB graduates and are building a fitness community at the school.

Jessie has 7 years of experience as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. Her knowledge will help lead and manage the gym and the group fitness classes.
Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience and 15 existing clients. He can create a custom workout regimen for all kinds of people, from beginners, and intermediates, to experienced gym goers, specialists or all-around enjoyers.
They are putting together their strengths and are building a fitness club to promote good physical health for students.

Why PSB Fitness is the right choice for you:
Ease of access – our gym locations are directly on campus and offer a convenient place to exercise before or after classes. We wanted to offer a gym location near Sheridan college, and the college decided to work with us and help give us locations directly on campus so that it is easy for students to work out and be healthy. For the perfect gym near Sheridan College HMC or Davis, PSB Fitness is the best choice. Click here for directions.
Run by Sheridan PSB alumni – support local businesses and learn more about running a business from the alumni Jessie and Matt who are running the gym.
24-hour access – The gym is always open for members, so you can work out whenever is most convenient.
Expert leadership – Founders Jessie and Matt have years of experience and are happy to help with fitness questions.

Book a free trial!
Sign up for our emailing list to get notifications on the grand opening of PSB fitness. If you are interested, you can claim a free workout session to see if you will like our gym and classes before you buy. To learn more click here

30-day guarantee
If you are not satisfied with your membership in any way, we will make it right or offer your money back within the first 30 days. We are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and are positive you will enjoy your experience at PSB fitness, or we will give you your money back.

PSB Fitness: New Levels of Physical Fitness

Why PSB?

At PSB we want to help you achieve any fitness goal you set your mind to. From beginners to experts, we want to create an environment where everyone can learn and grow together!

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With prices starting as low as $24.99/month!

Full Sized Court

Who doesn't love a fun but competitive game of basketball?

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Our talented staff have curated new and exciting workouts just for you!

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Don't worry about being stuck in a contract with us!

Our Facility

Housing the equipment you want and need.


Deadlift Platforms

We know how loud it gets. Shock absorbent
platforms to ensure the best sets!


Full Sized Court

A full sized court to battle your friends in Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, you name it we got it!



Need a place to stretch?
Want to train your jab?
Our studios got it all!


Spin Cycle

A little cycling never hurt nobody!


Start today at PSB Fitness with the low price of $24.99 a month + Initiation fee!

No Contact and no Hidden fees!

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All members will receive one free assessment to put you onto the right path.

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PSB FITNESS is the key to you healthy life

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PSB FITNESS is the fitness factory where we produce heathly people wanted to meet their fitness goals.

Our services -
1. kickboxing.
2. extracurricular activities.
3. 24 hrs gym.
4. mobile training

PRICE - $19.99+ registration fees
premium classes $37.5 (no registration fees)

Best Workout Split for Beginners


We understand that being the newbie at the gym can be overwhelming and a little bit embarrassing. We will discuss the best workout split for beginners so that you can feel comfortable when working out. A workout split is the way to divide workouts by the type of muscle group being excised. The best split for beginners is a PUSH / PULL / LEGS split. This split allows you to train all major muscle groups. Push/Pull/Legs split requires training at least three times a week but if you wanted to train more you can, just restart the split.


Man completing a bench press using the best split for beginners

Push is simply exercises where you are pushing the weight away from you. These type of exercises generally work the chest, shoulder, and triceps muscle groups. Some exercises to do for push day include:

  • Bench Press
  • Hi-to-Low Crossover
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • Side Lateral Raises
  • Lying Triceps Extensions
  • Dumbell Waiter Curls
  • Rotator Cuff ER

For visual demonstration of the exercises click here. These exercises done correctly will target every necessary muscle group to have a successful push day.  A great way to stretch and warm up for a push day is to complete as many push-ups as possible.


Lat Pull Down best split for working out

Similar to push, pull is when you are pulling weights towards your body. The muscle groups that you will work on a pull day are your back muscles and your biceps. Exercises to complete for push day include:

  • Deadlifts
  • Chest Supported Rows
  • Dumbbell High Pulls
  • Dumbbell Pullovers
  • Body Weight Chin Curls
  • Overhead Triceps Extension
  • Angels and Devils

For visual demonstration of the pull exercises click here. This set of exercises is the perfect mix of movement to work your back and biceps. A good way to stretch your muscles for pull day is to do arm rotations and shoulder rotations.


Leg day is simply just working out your legs. The muscle groups that you focus when working your legs are hamstrings, quads, glutes, and calves. Great exercises for leg day include:

  • Squats
  • Barbell Hip Thrust
  • Dumbell/Barbell Alt. Reverse Lunges
  • Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
  • Slick Floor Bridge Curls
  • Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises
  • Seated Dumbbell Calf Raises

For visual demonstration of the leg excersise click here. A good stretch to perform before starting a leg workout is hold your one leg behind your back and alternate.


If you apply this split to your workout routine, you will get the results yourare trying to achieve. Push/Pull/Legs is the best workout split for beginners. It will make you feel like a weightlifting pro. A couple tips to keep in mind to workout safely is to stretch before you start your workout and remember to take rest days. Stretching will loosen up your muscles and prevent injuries when working out. Rest days are important to let your muscles recover and grow from your previous workout.

PSB fitness

Efficient Workouts with PSB Fitness

About Us

The company, PSB Fitness, is founded by two PSB graduates, Jessie and Matt. Jessie has 7 years’ experience as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years’ prior experience. Our main objective is to provide the best workout opportunity to our clients with 24/7 online support to fulfill any of their requirements. Join us to get started 


where are we located ?

Centre Timings

Mon : 8a.m – 8p.m
Tue : 8a.m – 8p.m
wed : 8a.m – 8p.m
Thurs : 8a.m – 8p.m
Fri : 8a.m – 8p.m
Sat : 8a.m – 10p.m
Sun : 8a.m – 10p.m

21-Day Free Trial

We Got Nothing To Hide. This free trial gives you a chance to explore your options and experience one of the best experiences in town. we promise to provide you the most feasible workout sessions which you can plan you to attend on your own time as we have instructors conducting In person sessions as well as online sessions.

Promotions/ Why PSB is the best option for you?

PSB offers a membership plan which the member can customize according to his needs on the mobile app or can come in person and get it done from the information desk. The perks of customizing the membership may include virtual, in person sessions or if needed both can be taken to, yoga, MMA, other activities could all be choose or whatever is required could be selected. Now just by signing up online members can enjoy a discount of 25% on the whole membership fee for the first 6 months.

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