Gym reasonable membership promotions Mississauga

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Which includes those that help students and any newcomers. They have a chance of joining our gym without having to pay for the one-time membership payment. Even getting a coupon that allows our reasonable membership price to be even more affordable.</p><p>Make sure to check out the latest gym in Mississauga that places the needs of their customers first. Where we provide multiple promotions to help satisfy those needs. PSB Fitness is here for you!</p><h3 style="text-align: left; line-height: inherit;">A Gym with Reasonable Memberships and Promotions in Mississauga</h3><p>Our gym has so much to offer! From certified personal trainers to various workout sessions/classes. Such as Zumba, yoga, HIIT, indoor-cycling, bootcamp, and much more. Our gym has reasonable membership payments and many promotions in Mississauga and Brampton. Where you get monthly full gym access either with or without a personal trainer. Above all, we give greater services for a lower price. Having to only pay a membership fee once to become a full PSB Fitness member!</p><p>PSB Fitness also offers many facilities that you need for a full club experience. In other words, we provide the necessary tools to start your own fitness journey. With the latest equipment and technology to give you the best workout experience and variety.</p><p>Our facilities have a cardio area (treadmills, ellipticals, etc.), a functional fitness area (for CrossFit and HIIT style training), and a free weights area (dumbbells, benches, etc.). In addition to a stretching/cardio rooms (mats, stability balls, foam rollers, etc.), personal training corners, and a cycling studio.</p><h3>Our Pricing</h3><p>PSB Fitness charges monthly payments with only a one-time membership fee. We make sure to provide high value and quality. This is through our facilities and services, with affordable and reasonable membership payments.</p><p>Since we push to promote healthy lifestyle changes. Knowing that high prices for gyms make it hard for many to want to make that change. This is why PSB Fitness charges lower-priced fees. We want everyone, especially students, to have better access to the equipment. Providing what they need to succeed in their health and fitness journey.</p><p>Our gym has reasonable membership fees with many promotions in our Mississauga and Brampton spots. There are two different pricing options. They include a personal trainer or only provides full gym access. Where it is $50 monthly for full gym access without a trainer + $85 one-time membership fee. Or $75 monthly with full gym access along with a certified personal trainer + $85 one time membership fee. Only $25 more monthly for the opportunity to work with your very own personal trainer/coach!</p><h3>Find us in Mississauga and Brampton</h3><p>To learn more make sure to check out our online website and sign up. Get started on your health and fitness journey right away! It has our promotions, facilities, and services. Also our classes, membership fees/payments, our goals and what we stand for. Not only that, find out more and become a member by visiting our Mississauga and Brampton gyms in-person. They are located in Sheridan College’s HMC and Davis campuses.</p><h2>Why choose PSB Fitness?</h2><p>We are a gym that focuses on the well-being of its members, both new and old. Where we look to provide the right equipment and training needed to succeed. No matter the different stages they are at in their health and fitness journey.</p><p>In fact, we all share a common goal of creating and/or developing a healthy lifestyle. Where we look to be a better person both mentally and physically! This is why we stand out from the rest of the competition by catering to our loyal members. Also welcoming anyone who looks to make a positive impact in their life.</p><h3>Fitness Gym with Reasonable Membership price + Promotions in Mississauga</h3><p>We do this by not just having affordable and reasonable membership prices. We even use many promotions to attract possible new members while showing appreciation to our current ones.</p><p>Such as at the beginning of every month, a free one time membership is provided. This is only to the first 10 customers who join our gym online. We even give out $10 coupons to a select few customers who visit in-person and wish to join our gym. This allows them to use the coupon on their monthly membership payment for the following month.</p><p>Not only that, we often hold a variety of promotions for our current loyal members too. Such as promotions tied to community events, like raising money for a charity event or providing food for a food drive. We give our current members discounts on their next monthly payment. This depends on how much they participate and give back during these community events. Also a referral program where we give out a free session with our personal trainer to a member. This is done if they bring a friend with them to take part in the session as well. The referred friend will be also be able to do the session for free. PSB Fitness is always looking to provide different types of promotions to its members. We want them to enjoy their time at our gym while helping build a closer community with all our gym goers!</p><p>You don't want to miss out on these amazing promotions! Check out our social media pages, website, or even visit in-person right now to take advantage of this opportunity!</p><p>Check out these links for more information on PSB Fitness:</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p><a href=""></a></p><p>Show support to our favorite places:</p><p><a href=""></a><a href="">locations/on-mississauga.html</a></p><p><a href=""></a></p></div></div><div class="vce-single-image-container vce-single-image–align-center"><div class="vce vce-single-image-wrapper" id="el-9b25594d" data-vce-do-apply="all el-9b25594d"><figure><div class="vce-single-image-inner vce-single-image–absolute vce-single-image-zoom-container vce-single-image–border-rounded" style="padding-bottom: 66.6016%; width: 1024px; position: relative; overflow: hidden;"><img class="vce-single-image vcv-lozad" data-src="" width="1024" height="682" src="" data-img-src="" alt="male trainer with blue shirt and black pants helping women with white crop top and black pants do pulling exercise in gym" title="pexels-andres-ayrton-6551083" /><noscript>
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Cheap fitness near HMC Sheridan College

Student? School pressure? Part time job? No time and money to care about physical health?
PSB Fitness opens doors for you! Cheap fitness at HMC Sheridan College, with full access gym, one time membership fee and locations right at your school!
PSB Fitness, we care about student’s health!
Fitness and Gym

Our Slogan:

“In PSB Fitness, you can restore your body and soul with our trainings and feel better about yourself.”

Certified personal coaches/trainers

Everyone is welcome at PSB Fitness. From athlete to beginner. Our certified personal coaches Jessie with 7 years’ experience as a fitness instructor and Matt with 5 years’ experience as personal trainer will create specially designed and effective workout program for you.

Our social media:

Visit our Social Media for inspirational life stories from our clients, variety of cheap and healthy food recipes, inspirational content about successful athletes, fitness articles, promotions and regular live streams, where you can ask questions directly from our trainers.

Our Location:

We know how hard it is to be a student. Lots of stress and pressure. That is why we are located at Sheridan Hazel McCallion and Davis Campus. You do not need to spend time on travelling. Come to us and release your emotions usefully at our gym.

HMC College

Founded in 2021 by Jessie and Matt. PSB Fitness, is a new fitness gym based at
Sheridan College HMC Campus, 2nd floor, building A, Mississauga, ON;
Sheridan College Davis Campus, Residence building, Brampton, ON.


Cheap fitness near HMC Sheridan College.
We say “cheap fitness” because it is really cheap!
Monthly Pass with Full Gym Access for $50 with 1 month validity.
Beginners Pass with full gym access and with personal trainer for $75, 1 month course.
One time membership fee and no need to pay every year.

Our Contacts:

Do you have any questions about our gym or fitness trainings we offer here?
(647) 456-7890
(416) 550-1451
4180 Duke of York Blvd Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5, Canada.
7899 McLaughlin Rd
Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9, Canada.

Working days and hours:

Inspirational and life stories content

Monday from 9am to 7pm,
Tuesday from 9am to 7pm,
Wednesday from 9am to 7pm,
Thursday from 9am to 7pm,
Friday from 9am to 7pm,
Saturday from 9am to 5pm,
Sunday from 9am to 5pm.

Visit our friend webpage: Feasible Fitness Club In Mississ


PSB Fitness Club is the perfect match for those who are looking for a feasible fitness club in Mississauga. You must be thinking if it is really a Feasible fitness club, how? Right?

As PSB Fitness Club, we offer you high quality equipment along with different services at the facility.
The PSB Fitness Club is the most feasible fitness club located in HMC campus at Sheridan College.
Furthermore, the club is designed in such a way that it provides full access to all of the gym facilities.

The simple membership with us will give you access to special classes. Not to mention, the classes include: Yoga classes Zumba classes, aerobics classes and many more just to enhance your experience.

Everything is offered at very convenient prices comparatively. The best we offer starts at $50. It is the best for those who are looking for feasible fitness clubs in Mississauga.

Feasible Fitness Equipment
Feasible Fitness Equipment


  EQUIPMENTS                                                      SPECIAL SERVICES

TREADMILL                                                                                                   ZUMBA SESSIONS

OLYMPIC BARS                                                                                             YOGA SESSIONS

CABLE CROSSOVER MACHINE                                                                AEROBICS CLASSES

CHIN UP BAR                                                                                                  PRIVATE RESTROOMS

KETTLEBELLS                                                                                                PRIVATE TRAINER

EXERCISE CYLCLE                                                                                        24 HOUR ACCESS

TRX TRAINER                                                                                       ONE TIME MEMBERSHIP FEES

BENCH PRESS                                                                                                 CARDIO SESSIONS

DUMBBELLS                                                                                                    RECORDED SESSIONS

LEG PRESS MACHINE                                                                                  WEEKLY PROGRAMS



24/7 online classes
Feasible Fitness Club in Mississauga

Our priority is your health and fitness. It does not matter if it is in person or online. As per our feasible offers, we equally prioritize both type of our customers.

Along with in person classes, we record specific sessions for various types of exercises. We then publish them online for our gym members. Every member who is not able to visit us in person will have the access to the material online. This helps us to keep the track of our fitness plans and charts that we offer.

The club charges one time membership fee to anyone who would like to join in and to be one of our gym members. Thus, by saying this we basically mean that our customers need to pay only once for their membership fee. There will be no need of renewal for lifetime and this is what makes this gym the most feasible for the customers.


Feasible Fitness Club for Students

We are active on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On these platforms we post our club pictures. Moreover, we post some motivational reviews from our members and their inspiring stories as well.
Importantly, we do everything with the consent of our clients. Not to mention, we prioritize our clients’ privacy. No compromise is done with our clients’ privacy.

Our social media platforms also act as a place to get feedback for  the services we provide. We are open to receive opinions from anyone. People who would like to suggest anything important for our facility or for the  services. Moreover, we actively ask for reviews, so that we can improve our services.

In our website, you can virtually feel the atmosphere of our club. How various sessions are done at the facility. Also, in every recording, you will see at least one highly trained coach. We do this to motivate and to encourage you.
They will be there to help the individuals exercising. In other words, we are trying to help every member of our facility indirectly.

PSB fitness also has its own YouTube channel for continues information and to display announcements.
Above all, there are numerous motivational videos that our members share. The videos are about their experience with our gym and their journey when they started.


Feasible Fitness Club for Students
Feasible Fitness Club for Students

As the matter of fact, we strongly believe that PSB fitness club is the best option for students and that is because it is located inside the Sheridan College in Mississauga.

Not to mention this is exactly the reason why of this building being built inside the facility in the first place. It is to offer the students the best of their experience. Therefore, it makes it convenient for the Sheridan students to attend their workout sessions to relax  themselves after attending long college lectures.

Furthermore, we are open to every student or any individual who is looking for a feasible fitness club in Mississauga. In addition, at your surprise we offer more than that. Our referral program allows non-Sheridan students or individuals from any other colleges to join our fitness clubs. This program does not require any extra charges.

In order to discuss better about our services and the possible doubts that may occur, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find the contact information in the site.


Beginner’s Gym Men Mississauga


Are looking for a perfect beginner’s gym men in Mississauga? We are here to boost your energy with our services under PSB Fitness.

PSB Fitness club is high quality gym service located in the heart of Mississauga i.e., near Square One. The gym is designed specially to meet the needs of our valuable customers from both men and women. We understand that being a beginner brings difficulties and problems at the starting. But you do not have to worry about it anymore.  We will make sure to provide you our best services with certified trainers all around the gym.  This will surely make your experience rememberable at our gym.

Men's Beginner Gym

Our facilities bring various advantages for both men and women as we constantly improve in terms of our services, pricing and promotions. Our members do not have to worry about their daily schedule, as we run our business 24 hours every day. As the gym is open 24 hours a day, our coaches will be out there as well. Starting the journey to lose weight or to gain is never easy. Beginning a new lifestyle brings major transformations in the diet. Hence for beginners who are actually very prone to unhealthy lifestyle along with unhealthy food. We offer special beginner diet plans so that they can follow the charts designed for individual needs to enhance their motivation and will power.



Gym Facilities for Beginner’s Gym Men Mississauga

Beginner Gym Men in Mississauga The gym is equipped with all the amenities and equipment including exercise machines, regular and yoga mats, treadmills, abs toner, dumbbells, bathing stations. Water and freshly squeezed juice machines, proteins powders picked by our trainers are available at very reasonable prices for our customers. All of our facility equipment gets checked and renovated, if needed, every 4 weeks. We are also planning to expand our services by considering the needs of our gym members. All the equipment and stations are cleaned and sanitized before every and after every single use. We impose high standards of safety measures at our gym.

Pricing Plan:

We offer extremely affordable prices for our potential customers, both men and women. Our pricing plan is simple and convenient, as most of our members are beginners and intermediaries and students at different facilities. We prioritize every need and budget of our customers. Therefore we propose a competitive plan that is suitable for every age group.

The only requirement that we impose for our potential gym members is the Membership Fee. Clients will pay only once and the amount stands for $85. We do not impose any hidden charges, the following are our monthly plans but as mentioned earlier we keep in mind our members. Thus if someone is willing to mix the plans or comes up with his/her routine wants to follow, we will consider their needs and come up with their specific training as well. Therefore, our pricing plans will best suit to you if you are a beginner does not matter whether you are men or women. As a matter of fact, the price in that case may change.

Monthly Plans for Beginner’s Gym Men Mississauga

  1. $50/Month which includes access to all the gym facilities without a trainer.
  2. $75/Month which includes access to all the gym facilities along with a certified trainer.


What does our membership include?

  1. User Manual
  2. Locker access
  3. Bag printed with your name on it
  4. Water bottle
  5. PSB Fitness Club’s signature t-shirt and a yoga pant
  6. Towel

Special “DEALS”

As a part of our promotional plan, we encourage our potential customers to check through our website “” for monthly deals. In addition, the website provides free membership fee to our first 10 subscribers of the month. Apart from that, we also provide random coupons who cannot get our free membership fee which can be redeemed later.

Check out a video why exercising is important to everyone or link on the view it.

Check out these links for more information about our club.

 24/7 fitness with PSB Mississauga

Fitness Instructor Brampton Mississauga


24/7 fitness with PSB Mississauga

How 24/7 fitness with PSB Mississauga helps you!

24/7 fitness with PSB Mississauga, showcases every student’s all-in-one fitness experience, designed to encourage healthy, social, and active lifestyle choices. We providing accessible features that complement every aspect of the fitness journey. 24/7 PSB fitness with Mississauga is a combination of on-site and online facilities for students to have a healthy and balanced life. Therefore 24/7 fitness with PSB Mississauga aims for a  warm and fun environment to exercise at any time. We also help students to develop networking with other students at an affordable price.  The gym is open 24/7 at two sites on the HMC campus Mississauga and Davis Campus Brampton. 

Members of PSB Fitness had to travel to our physical sites till recently. Seeing and working with our members in person is great, but Covid-19 has altered everything. Furthermore, Covid-19 has forced the closure of several enterprises, including ours. We are being forced to adapt and overcome obstacles.  

Are you someone who is missing the gym sessions? But here we go fitness freaks……! 24/7 fitness with PSB Mississauga is the ultimate solution for all your worries. 

 PSB fitness provides online fitness classes. Therefore, you can keep yourself safe and fit throughout this pandemic. This gym also offers discounted memberships to Sheridan’s staff and students. 

  How does 24/7 fitness with PSB Mississauga work online?

24/7 fitness with PSB Mississauga

Firstly, many of us do not have time to go to the gym due to our busy schedules. Also, the Covid-19 pandemic and regulations have hit us so hard. So, from regular membership plans to premium and single-day membership plans, PSB Fitness provided interactive online training sessions for every member. Secondly, It features a lot of activities and classes scheduled at various times. You can book time slots from the website as well as the PSB fitness app.   

 We are offering discounts on online training classes during this outbreak so that everyone may benefit fully. Customers who purchase our online classes will also receive a free PSB printed tee-shirt and face mask. 

 Our experts provide you with online training that includes exercises such as aerobic and cardio, strength and weight training, Cross fit, Aerobic, yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts, squash, tennis, and swimming. 

 Get Fit with PSB Yoga Classes.

Yoga at PSB fitness

In this session, you may relax while also strengthening your entire body via safe stretching in a variety of seated and standing positions. The training includes the basic 12 asanas, anatomy and alignment, vinyasa, sequencing & subtle body, and so on. The classes 4 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun) in 2 batches. The time slots are 4 am-12 pm and 2-10 pm. Online classes are also available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The recordings of the classes can be accessed via the PSB fitness app and on the website under 24/7 fitness with PSB, Mississauga> online yoga classes. 

24/7 Regular Bodyweight Training & Cardio with PSB

24/7 fitness with PSB MississaugaIt consists of sessions in which our skilled trainers teach you bodyweight exercises including push-ups, squats, pull-ups, crunches, and a variety of others. Jogging in place, jumping jacks, burpees, kickboxing, and other aerobic exercises are included. The classes are available 24/7. 

Martial Arts at PSB Mississauga 

Yoga classes with PSB

 Martial arts mainly for the premium members. These are taught both in-person and online. The in-person classes are conducted in both Mississauga and Brampton. The classes are available 24/7 in Mississauga whereas in Brampton it’s 5 days a week (Mon-Fri). For more information, please visit the PSB fitness website.


  • Flexible times to fit your schedule; you may work out your body whenever you want. 
  • No additional fees. 
  • The fun part is everyone including your family members and friends can participate. 
  • Because of the included service with continuous membership, these classes are accessible to everyone. 
  • Since you and your trainer will be the only ones present during your exercise, you will enjoy complete privacy. 

 We also offer:

Membership, Pricing, and promotional offers: 

Regular membership:  

  • $0 initial fees 
  • $15 monthly 
  • Free cancellation  

 Premium Membership: 

  • $0 initial fees 
  • $30 monthly 
  • Free cancellation  

Single Day Admission: 

  • $9.99 plus taxes 

Promotional packages: 

We also provide monthly promotional packages (regular, premium, luxury). Because of these promotional packages members are allowed to enjoy certain services such as a spa, swimming pool, tennis lessons, therapies, and nutritional information lessons at lower prices. 

 And many more…

  • Personal trainer
  • Fitness consulting 
  • video instruction modules
  • Sales of apparel and accessories  
  • Sales of supplements 
  • Pick up or free delivery of equipment renting. 
  • Online access to recipe books and magazines 
  • Online access to meal plans focused on losing weight, maintaining weight, or gain muscle. 

Join Us: 

Shape your body, relax your mind. 

Take your free time to be fit and relax! 

Let’s accomplish your fitness dreams, together. 


Davis campus location: 

HMC campus location:

Contact Us: 

 Sheridan College Davis Campus 

905 459 7533 

Sheridan College HMC Campus: 

905 845 9430 


New PSB Fitness Virtual Workouts

Introducing PSB Fitness Virtual Workouts

Brought to you by PSB Virtual

Are you a busy student and or young professional looking for a way to incorporate a workout into your schedule without all the hassle of commuting to and from a physical gym? Are you on a strict budget that doesn’t allow for a costly gym membership with hidden charges and service fees? If you answered yes to either one of these statements, then we have the perfect product/service for you. PSB Virtual Fitness Workouts.

You’re probably asking “Don’t you guys own a couple gyms? Why would you be promoting people not to come into your fitness centres?.” The answer is simple, we want to help our customers as much as they’ve helped us over these past few years. Our customers have been the foundation for our success, however the World as we know it is changing, and quick! You either thrive in this economy or survive, and at PSB Fitness we have always been proponents of living your healthiest life while thriving.

Until now, members of PSB Fitness have had to commute to our physical locations. Although we love seeing, and working with our members in person, Covid-19 has changed everything. Furthermore Covid-19 has shut down many businesses, including ours. Forcing us to adapt, improvise, and overcome. Over the past year the IT department at Sheridan College has been working closely with PSB Fitness on developing a virtual fitness program. After many sleepless nights and much trial and error, our trainers and developers formulated a business plan, and wrote the code, for what would become the next generation of personalized virtual at home fitness routines.

PSB Fitness Virtual Trainers

As a result, our Mississauga and Brampton based are utilizing our brand new PSB Fitness Virtual Workouts. Now, from the comfort of your own home, you can fill out a brief questionnaire outlining the different things you are looking for in a workout routine, using this information our fitness trainers will devise a customized workout, just for you. Consequently this will help reduce the amount of time it would usually take you to commute to and from a physical gym; therefore reducing the amount of money you would spend on parking, gas, membership fees, service charges, cancellation fees, etc.

PSB Virtual Fitness Pricing

For instance; most people spend hundreds of dollars per month on personal trainers alone. For payments as low as $4.99 per month, you will receive professional, personalized digital workouts (Halton/Peel). By signing up and referring friends and family, you can receive loyalty points! These loyalty points can be used towards reducing the cost of your monthly membership. In addition, these loyalty points can also be used towards PSB Fitness workout equipment, delivered safely and securely to any address you choose. Click this link to see an example of some of the products you can put your loyalty points towards.

"Health is Wealth" A famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

PSB Virtual Fitness Promotions

Now is the time to make the change that you’ve been planning to make for so long. Put the money you’ll save on gas and parking towards a program that works for you, and not against you. Stop procrastinating and saying you’re too busy, skip that next Netflix episode, just fifteen minutes a day; a few times a week, can tremendously change your life for the better. So don’t delay, act now, and receive a one-month free trial, as well as enough loyalty points towards half off of another month (the equivalent to $2.50). Time is ticking, this offer won’t last long. Download anytime, anywhere. Brought to you by PSB Fitness Virtual Workouts.

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