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About us

PSB Fitness was founded by myself (Jessie) and my buddy Matt, we met at Sheridan College, and we’ve been inseparable since. Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience and 15 existing clients. I have 7 years of experience as a fitness instructor at the top gyms in the world.

Fitness has changed our lives, it has made us feel great physically and mentally, along with boosting our confidence. It has provided us with purpose and has helped us create and tighten bonds in our relationships. Our goal is to spread the health benefits of exercise to as many people as we can. We created PSB Fitness together to make exercising easy and convenient for everyone. We believe that with the use of technology we can make it easier than ever to educate and help people live active and healthy lives.


Affordable Prices!

PSB Fitness offers three types of payment options.

  1. $6 for a day pass. You get to work out without committing to a whole contract.
  2. $30 a month. This is a reoccurring fee that you can cancel at any time.
  3. $100 for an entire semester (4 months). For those that need some exercise to relieve the stress of a busy semester.



PSB Fitness offers a variety of training equipment. We have treadmills and exercise bikes for those focused on burning calories and body fat, and who want to strengthen their cardio. There is also classic gym equipment like benches and squat racks along with a variety of dumbbells for those who are looking to add muscle. We even have a variety of machines with simple instructions to follow for ease of use. PSB Fitness also has private rooms for group classes because exercising in groups is usually more fun. We have locker rooms for men, women, and trans individuals.

Beginner-friendly gym in Mississauga and Brampton



Our group classes are guided by advanced virtual trainers which means you and your friends can come anytime to have fun and intense workouts. Don’t worry though, these classes have a variety of difficulty levels which means whether you are a beginner or advanced, we will have classes for you. We have aerobic- and strength-based classes along with yoga classes. We also have tablets around the gym that members get access to that could provide workout routines and proper form for exercises. Members of the gym can get access to this app on their own devices. Members can get access to virtual classes online and in person.



There’s a special type of bond that is created when a group struggles, sweats, grinds, and fights their way through a tough workout. Studies show that 95% of those who started a weight-loss program with friends completed the program. Working out in groups enhances consistency, duration, conversation, motivation, and inspiration. If you want to push yourself to reach your fitness goals, join our group classes, come to our massive events and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

our team

Let’s Get Fit Together!


Visit us at either of our locations at Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus or Sheridan College Davis Campus.


Sheridan college

Affordable gyms for students in Mississauga PSB Fitness

About Us

PSB Fitness is founded by Jesse and Matt, two Pilon School of Business graduates. Jessie has 7 years’ experience as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness. Likewise, Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years’ experience. The primary vision that Jesse and Matt have for PSB Fitness is to offer affordable gyms for students in Mississauga.

Our mission for PSB Fitness is to offer a variety of training options designed for students and young professionals of any fitness level. High quality, modern gym equipment and spacious, welcoming environment with affordable prices ideal for student life. Above all, our PSB Fitness locations will provide our customers with a sense of community, affordability, and comfort where they can find their way to meet their fitness goals. We offer flexible payment options and modern equipment that work for all fitness levels.

Affordable Gym Services Optimal for Students

Our goal of offering every PSB Fitness member with the best gym going experience starts with the highest level of customer service and treating each member with dignity and respect to create a sense of community. Therefore, PSB Fitness has a vast variety of services and training options to fit the training needs of any member. The services offered at PSB Fitness include:

  • Modern state of the art fitness equipment that is safe and contains diagrams for instruction to facilitate ease of use.
  • Express Fitness program built by alumni that caters to students. It offers shorter but effective workouts for those who have limited time. For instance, full body, lower body, or upper body splits that can be completed in 45 minutes or less.
  • PSB Fitness App works with other technology to improve performance, connect with others, and prosper in all aspects of life.
  • PSB Fitness offers the PSB Fitness app that personalizes training programs to the individual to make staying with the gym more relevant whether it is in person or virtual. This creates an option for members to keep up with their training regime from home or in a virtual setting.
  • Personal Training options available for those who want to maximize their time in the gym and work towards their goals with one of our professional trainers.
  • In addition, all personal trainers have experience with nutrition and meal plans. Members can arrange a meeting with a personal trainer to discuss nutrition or any other aspect of gym life.
  • A variety of group fitness classes available depending on individual member goals. Group fitness classes are designed to help keep members motivated and accountable to their fitness goals while enhancing their sense of community at PSB Fitness.

Group training classes allow for affordable gym environment for students'Bring a buddy' promo makes gyms affordable for students

Affordable Gym Memberships/Promotions

PSB Fitness offers several membership plans including monthly and weekly passes or a semester based membership. In addition, all memberships are designed to offer the most affordable gyms for students. The pricing per membership is as follows:

  • Day Pass – $6
  • 1 Month Membership – $30
  • Semester Bases Membership (4 months) – $100

PSB Fitness also offers several promotions to help jump start your fitness journey and get you active today! In other words, these promotions help you get on the right track towards your goals and allow you to bring a friend for extra motivation. The current PSB Fitness sales promotions include:

  • Bring a buddy promo – Bring a friend to the gym and get them to commit to the semester then you get a bonus month.
  • How-to promo – New memberships come with a free personal training session.

In conclusion, our promotions are designed to encourage new members to start their fitness journey with the upmost level of comfort and sense of community.


The two new fitness centers will be operating at onsite at in the HMC and Davis Campuses of Sheridan College.

HMC Location: 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Davis Location: 7897 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9

PSB Fitness Gyms for Students in Mississauga

Get your fitness journey started on the right track through one of our many membership and service options. Join the PSB Fitness community today!

Community Mississauga Gyms with Technology

Make Fitness Technology Work for You

PSB Fitness community gyms in Mississauga and Brampton use technology to enhance the workout experience towards a healthier lifestyle. As you look for ways to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle, PSB Fitness can help you achieve your goals.

boxers in gyms with phone app technology

The fitness industry in 2022 and in the coming years is being transformed with the use of technology. Handheld devices, software applications, and technology built into the equipment are being combined to reshape and change how and where people’s fitness routines take place. With the PSB Fitness App, your health, happiness, and wellbeing are in your hands.

PSB Fitness Community

at home yoga fitness gyms with laptop technology

At PSB Fitness, community is not just at the brick-and-mortar gym. With the world being in and out of pandemic lockdowns, friends and family are staying connected online and the PSB Fitness App allows you to connect with others and work out together. Community is what you make it.  With the use of the PSB Fitness App you can join and connect with your fellow fitness and health enthusiast from the comfort of your home or join a class in person.

What can you do with the Fitness App Technology?

The fitness app smart technology will enable you to have the same in-class experiences at home. Both in-class and at-home, the app will track your work outs. Through the app you can receive coaching encouragement. Connections to others is a breeze with the PSB Fitness App. Collaborate with others by linking the app to your social media platforms to message, meet, and live stream with like-minded individuals and expand your fitness universe. Using the app with headphones, will allow the class instructor to simulate the experience of having a personal training session. Coaches will speak to you directly while you are in a group session or live streaming from home.

If you are new to digital fitness technology, the app is user friendly and easily links at a touch of a button to PSB machines and equipment or your own equipment.  The PSB app is the central control system of the fitness operation. The stationary bikes and treadmills, when linked, can monitor all aspects of the workout.  At PSB Fitness you will be able to monitor your workout performance, sleep quality, and calorie intake all from the central hub of the app. The app will let you know when you need to speed up, drink some water, or cool down and take it easy.

With the app you can sync your workouts with your friends and local cohorts, or you can sync to the PSB community and add a competitive driving element to your experience.

Join PSB Fitness Community Gyms in Mississauga Today

group community fitness gyms on stationary bikes

Join the PSB Fitness family and download the PSB Fitness App for free to enhance your activities and increase your wellness outcomes. Become a part our community that is fostered by collaboration, interaction, and strengthened with technology.


Gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

Learn the best gym with loyalty program in Mississauga! The rewards program that runs besides you!

Sign Up Now and Start your loyalty rewards program today!

Coach showing members the Gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

What is the PSB fitness gym with loyalty program in Mississauga?

Welcome to the first gym with loyalty program in Mississauga where the more you exercise the more rewards you unlock.  

This is PSB Fitness! We have the best gym with loyalty program in Mississauga. In this app you will be able to enjoy our special promotions and rewards. For instance, somo rewards might be coaching sessions, health diagnostics and the opportunity to participate in our weekly challenges. In addition, we have created an environment where everyone is welcomed, by introducing a coach that will guide you on your very first day! As you progress through our loyalty rewards program you will be able to enjoy this experience with your friends while receiving special promotions. Similarly, like in a videogame you will be able to gain points by completing the weekly challenges, visiting our gym, and bringing friends. 

Top Rewards of the PSB fitness gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

1. Bring your Buddy Promo

One of our most anticipated rewards in the best gym with loyalty program in Mississauga is the “Bring your Buddy Promo”. This reward lets you bring a friend to the gym with you for free! If your friend decides to subscribe with us, you will receive a free bonus month of gym membership. However, your friend will not leave empty handed as you will both receive extra points in your gym loyalty program.

Add you buddy as a friend in PSB fitness loyalty program app and you will be able to share your progress with each other. Compete with each other and challenge them to different goals that are recommended in the app and the winner will receive extra points!

Friends working out in Gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

2. Coaching Sessions

New memberships come with a free personal training session! You will also be able to unlock this reward by:

-Completing 4 weekly timed challenges set in the app.

-Winning a gym competition through the app.

-Bringing 3 friends that subscribe to our gym for at least a month.

-Subscribing to our gym for another 4 months.

Other rewards regarding coaching sessions are special discounts unlocked in the fitness pass.

Coach helping new member in Gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

3. Health Diagnostics

Keep track of your personal health goals and progress with our Health Diagnostics rewards. You will be able to check your muscle mass, body weight, fat percentage and water weight. With this important information, our specialized coaches will be able to guide you to complete your goal by recommending the proper exercises and workout programs. In addition , you can manually keep track of these statistics which will be presented in graphs and analysis to see your progress. 


4. Weekly Challenges

PSB Fitness app will publish weekly challenges and competitions that will offer extra points upon completion! These may include challenges such as:

-Go to the gym with loyalty rewards program in Mississauga for 7 hours this week. 

-Push your personal record!

-Run 5K in the treadmill.

You can also set predetermined options of challenges with your friends and receive extra points as well. Gym is more enjoyable with friendly competition with your friends! Participate in our monthly gym competiotion to get a BONUS price! For instance, some of these might include free coaching sessions, free health diagnostics, extra month subscriptions, daily passes for friends and special secret suprises. 

Weekly Challenges scoreboard in Gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

5. Healthy Recipes and Tips

A balanced diet is essential for your health! That is why, PSB fitness app offers a variety of different diets to meet different goals. These can also be personalized with an extra fee to match your specific requests. Some members also share their own recipes here! Get to know other people at the gym and share your tips with them! You may find new training partners to challenge.

Our gym with loyalty program here in Mississauga will offer new and better recipes the more you progress and improve.

Whats included when joining the PSB Fitness gym with loyalty program in Mississauga?

-Access to our exclusive online gym loyalty program in Mississauga.

-Modern fitness equipment that is safe and easy to use.

-Express Fitness program built by alumni that caters to students. It offers shorter but effective workouts for those who have limited time.

– How-to promo: new memberships come with a free personal training session

– In person/ on campus interactions where staff share service details with students

-Free Internet access

-Flexible service and payment options.

Great location! Accessible to city centre transit terminal, central of Mississauga and Sheridan College.

You can download our app on both, Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Our gym with loyalty program in Mississauga is located here!

Beginner Gyms Mississauga with Motivating Community


Beginner gyms Mississauga with motivating community
Find the right community for you.

Beginner gyms Mississauga with motivating community | 

Are you a beginner in the world of fitness and living in Mississauga? PSB Fitness might be right for you! Founded by two Sheridan Pilon School of Business graduates, the company is a new industry player. The studio has two locations. One is in the heart of Mississauga, and the other is in Brampton. Moreover, they are built by students, or in this case alumni, for students, making them unlike any other gym. With over ten years of experience, they’ve created a space that can help you reach your goals in an approachable way.

Benefits of having a community feel |

Starting something new is always hard. However, research shows that fitness and exercise programs offered in community settings can improve participants’ physical fitness and activity levels. So as a beginner, when you join a gym, you gain a new family that will support you along your fitness journey. Likewise, having a workout buddy can also motivate you to show up, even when you don’t feel like it. These workout partners act as cheerleaders who encourage you to work out longer than if you were alone. One study found that 95 percent of those who started a weight-loss program with friends completed the program. These are just a few examples of the benefits of having a fitness community.


Beginner gyms Mississauga with motivating community
Build your Community.

Prices |

PSB Fitness offers three membership payment plans. The first tier is the cheapest option, a day pass priced at $6. Next, we move to the second tier, a monthly pass valued at $30. And the last is a semester plan valued at $100 which aligns perfectly with the four months of the school term. Each membership plan is super affordable and fantastic for students.

The Studio |

In this paragraph, we are going to talk about the space. Each location is spacious, open 24 hours, and has a variety of equipment. So whether you’re looking for personal training with a customized workout plan or an intimate group session that keeps you motivated — PSB Fitness has everything you need to succeed. Their equipment is easy to use, and the layout and flow of the gym are not as intimidating as in other big-box options. They also have a meal plan generator app. Are you strapped for time? You can still get a good workout and sweat in. The gyms offer express fitness classes that are circuit-based, easy to follow and great for weight loss and muscle tone. In conclusion, whether you are just getting started or are an avid gym-goer, members can expect a VIP experience without the VIP price — all accompanied by friendly service. 

Beginner gyms Mississauga with motivating community

Grand Opening – Join Us on July 2nd |

On Canada Day’s long weekend, we’ll be hosting a grand opening! Each location will offer fitness classes such as Zumba, HIIT, and Yoga for FREE throughout the day! You don’t have to worry about your fitness level, the classes are for everyone. So join us for a day of fun and fitness starting at 9 am on July 2nd, 2022. You can stop by, get a workout and meet the PSB Fitness owners, Jessie and Matt. So come on down and see our facility and, most importantly, find out if we’re the right fit for you!

While you’re there, feel free to take some sweaty selfies and tag us in your social posts. You never know, there might be a prize in it for you.

Beginner gyms Mississauga with motivating community |

Already interested in getting a membership? You can visit our website PSB FITNESS, or check us in person at the Sheridan Hazel McCalli0n or Davis campuses to register today.