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Experienced trainers Mississauga

About Us

We are a gym for all students who love to work out and meet new people. we care about health, wellness and bring students together to work out. This gym gives so much more than just some weights.

Our Facilities 

Both of our gyms in Mississauga and in Brampton have so much space and different types of weights, machine and different sports that can be played.
Experienced trainers Mississauga
Experienced trainers Mississauga
Common Space - Healthy Gym Space
Swimming - Healthy Gym Space

Our Services

There is open soccer games every Monday and Wednesday from 3-8, for anyone and their friends to come and play all together one big soccer games for

Swimming in lanes is everyday from 12-5, 4 lanes for 2 two people must sign up before coming. Friday is group swim where the pool is open for anyone form 5-10 

Yoga for everyone to help us relax take a second before we start our crazy day is every Monday and Friday morning from 8-10 so you can start and end your week with some relaxation. 

Weight lifting maybe New for many people and even if it not you can come every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-3 so you can learn something new.  

Mental Health is very important to us as a team and we believe everyday should be a day to talk about the struggles in life. Everyday Thursday from 5-9 we have a group circle about mental health and way we can help our selfs grow and learn. 

On Sunday we have cooking classes from 11-3, teach students quick and health food to make at home in less then 20 minutes. 

Weekly Workout's

This Week take 30 minutes out of your day and go for a run alone or with anyone but run #YouGotThis #Week8

Week 8 Recipes

Week 8 is on which means a new recipe for anyone who likes a protein fulled meal before or after the gym this is the recipe to try it only takes 20 MINUTES BELIEVE ME. click on the link to get the recipe.


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