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PSB Fitness

A brand new VR Gaming Gym in Mississauga is now available for all to use! This gaming gym located at Sheridan’s Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC) is an experience all must try.

Who said exercising shouldn’t be fun? PSB Fitness combines the need to stay healthy with the want of having fun while exercising. The combination of the latest technology in VR and gym machines/equipment integrated with video games will transform you into new worlds when exercising.


VR Gaming While Working Out

Working out isn’t easy, but it can be fun! PSB Fitness deviates from the traditional gym formula by integrating the workout machines with video games and virtual reality. Each piece of equipment can be used traditionally or can be used while experiencing PSB Fitness’s new line of workout games.

Whether you choose to go virtual or look at one of the hundred’s TVs around our gyms, you will find yourself immersed when exercising. Each machine has up to 5 different games you can play that is related to the physical activity you are attempting to do. The games are fun, track your progress, and even post your score on a leaderboard that is available for all to beat. You can even challenge your friends in friendly competitions, or team up with your best mates and go against a different group, exclusively all in our VR gaming gym in Mississauga.

How It All Works out

A VR gaming gym can seem like a lot but it’s actually quite simple. Every machine and weight you will find in a traditional gym, you will find here too. You can use any of our machines without having to play the games if you wish to, but we do recommend trying out our different games, there is something there for everyone!

When it comes to levels themselves, we use a formula that differs for every game to determine your score. You can increase your score in many different ways. Depending on the machine you are using, increasing the weight, your repetitions, or how fast you are attempting to exercise can all increase your score.

For people looking to have a casual fun time, if you don’t like one of the levels of the game, you can easily switch to another until you find what you like, or if you are a hardcore “gym rat” like us, attempt to find all the hidden lore and solve all the puzzles by progressing through every level. There are hundreds of hours of enjoyable content, and we are always adding more.

The virtual reality machines work quite similarly to the regular video games ones. Every VR machine will have a virtual reality helmet attached to it. Simply put on the helmet, attach the virtual reality controlers to your hands and legs, select your level and begin having fun! VR gaming gym in Mississauga provides all the VR headsets and hand/feet equipment needed.

PSB Fitness App

Coach showing members the Gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

The amazing thing about going digital is that everything you will ever need is stored in our app. No longer will you have to bring a gym card that is attached to your keys, now, you can simply scan your card through our app using a specialized barcode given only to you. But that’s not all.

The PSB Fitness App is an amazing tool that will enhance your gym experience and will make your life easier. All your progress from every machine will be tracked using our app that is directly linked to the machine you are currently using. Every rep, every weight, and every step is all tracked and displayed in an easy-to-find format, this way, you will never ever have to try and remember what weight or how many reps you previously did. The app will also display your total progress in a chart, showing you how much you have improved to keep your confidence levels high!

Lastly, our app has thorough training and explanations for every machine in our gym, as well as many other exercises you may want to attempt which are not machine-related such as calisthenic workouts. Simply look up the name of the exercise/machine, and there is will be a video recorded by professionals teaching you how to best perform the exercises. Some machines require you to move the seats to get the best out of the workout, when looking up such machines in our app, there will be a handy drop-down menu that allows you to choose your height. Based on your height, a recommendation of the seat’s height will appear on your screen.

Leaderboards and Events

Every exercise machine will have a leaderboard publically displayed that refreshes weekly, the winners of the machines can will small prizes. Events are held weekly and usually include teams going against each other in an epic clash! If you would like to sign up for our next event please download and sign up on our PSB Fitness App.

More Information

This VR gaming gym in Mississauga is located in the Hazel McCallion Sheridan Campus in Square one. Everyone is welcome to join, but Sheridan students and Sheridan faculty get 30% off.

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PSB Fitness – VRcade Mississauga


Why PSB Fitness?

Here at PSB VR Arcade Gym, along with our signature VRcade concept, we offer the best of the best that fitness can offer. This includes but is not limited to a variety of programs, trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, amenities, and more. We’re here to provide a complete experience while staying true to our fitness core. Like you, we are trying to be the best versions of ourselves possible so we are adapting!

Weightlifting area.


We offer a variety of different services, classes, and amenities. These include things like:

  • Exercise Equipment and Machines, Free Weights, Plates, etc.
  • A Full-Sized Basketball Court
  • VR and Arcade Themed Workout Games
  • A Full 400m Running Track with Multiple Lanes
  • Group and also Individual Swimming Classes (All ages.)
  • Licensed Personal Trainers
  • An Open Olympic Pool and also a Lane Pool
  • A Women’s Only Floor + Daycare
  • A Variety of Classes: Cycling, Yoga, HIIT, Zumba and Dance, Combat Sports, and more!


Everyone is welcome, so PSB Fitness is an inclusive safe space for any age, race, gender, height, weight, sexual orientation, and more. No excuses, if you want to be the best version of yourself, we want to help you get there!

A PSB Gym Yoga Session!

(Some of our members enjoying a fantastic Yoga session!)


At the PSB VR Arcade gym, memberships are priced in a tiered system so that we can find one that best suits your needs, and help you get it. Additionally, we have discounted prices for students with a valid Sheridan One-Card. Students can sign up on campus, at the gym, and online whilst non-students can happily access our website or speak to a front desk associate. Subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis and our prices are as follows:

  • Student Pricing Ranges from – 29.99/34.99/39.99 (Monthly)
  • Non-Student Pricing Ranges from – 39.99/44.99/49.99 (Monthly)

The first tier of pricing includes access to gym equipment, the track, and amenities.

The second tier adds access to classes for swimming, dance, Zumba, and HIIT but also allows access to personal trainers and combat sports instructors!

The third tier adds access to the Olympic Pool, Lane Pool, and also our signature VR and Arcade experience!


We have a location at the Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga and also one at the Davis Campus in Brampton. The hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 5 am to 11pm

Saturday: 7 am to 10 pm

Sunday: 8 am to 9 pm

Location of PSB VR Arcade Gym


PSB VR Arcade and Fitness Center is proudly run by our owners Jessie and Matt. Both graduating from the Pilon School of Business, they decided to take their athletic experience of a combined 12 years into a joint venture and started PSB Fitness on the Sheridan Campus. Since Sheridan did not have a gym in their time, they came together and brought a fantastic product for everyone to benefit from and enjoy. For more information, we have provided a link so that you can contact us:


We believe in the right of choice, and PSB Fitness will happily accept those who decide to wear masks along with those who do not. That being said, if you are not feeling so well, and you are experiencing some symptoms of illness, we ask that you stay home and isolate yourself. As per the fitness industry standard, please wipe down seats and machines upon use, and dispose of the wipes accordingly. Wash your hands upon entering and leaving the gym. Make sure you shower before you enter the sauna, or hot tub and pools!

For more information regarding public health and safety, visit

If you want to see improvement in yourself and in your life while still having fun, we are here for you! Join us at PSB VR Arcade Gym TODAY!!

Active and Aesthetic gym Mississauga

PSB Fitness(Active and Aesthetic Gym Mississauga)

Active and Aesthetic Gym Mississauga


About PSB Fitness

Looking for an Active and Aesthetic gym Mississauga? Are you looking for an active environment that engages and challenges you? Are you looking for a community devoted in ensuring you obtain your fitness goals? Are you looking to get that aesthetically pleasing body for the summer? Well head on down to PSB fitness, we are a community dedicated to providing great customer service, that aligns with members looking to accomplish their goals. We strive to produce active performance and a healthy lifestyle for our members, and we have locations in Mississauga and Brampton. We offer two locations for students to access and choose from. Located in HMC campus of Mississauga and the Davis campus in Brampton.

Why Choose PSB Fitness?


Adults should walk more and sit less, according to fitness experts. Most of us already know this, but getting the drive to do so is another story. Most people find it difficult to commit to other sorts of exercise and will put on a headset for a 30-minute gaming session that produces effects comparable to typical fitness programs.

Furthermore, Adults should engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate activity per day for significant health benefits. This should ideally be done throughout the week and should be aerobic, meaning that your higher heart rate is pumping more oxygen to your muscles. With the utilization of VR headsets, we have seen a spike in engagement and fitness levels. So why not implement this in to your workout routine.


Quality staff and Community

For us, we pride ourselves in providing quality customer service and satisfaction for our clients. Our Employees are happier and have higher morale when they have a solid level of compensation. Our workers are more likely to stay with firs that align with their values which leads to more productivity and lower absence.

Membership Options

Monthly – $25.99

Quarterly – $150

Yearly – $500


***Refer 10 friends to stand a chance to win $1000***

***Want the chance to win a brand-new HTC VR headset? Look at our website for more info***

***Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stand a chance to get 2 months membership for $15***

FAQs – Get answers to the most common questions about PSB Fitness and memberships.

Where are you located?

Mississauga, Ontario (HMC Campus) and Brampton, Ontario (Davis Campus)


Are guests allowed at PSB Fitness?

Of course! PSB Fitness would allow members to bring friends. However, payment plans vary for non-members.


How old do you have to be to train/workout at PSB Fitness? What is the minimum age to join?

We as a community are open to everyone and while we would love individuals of all ages to join our inclusive fitness area, we would suggest having students of the Sheridan community to remain our number one priority.


How do we reach you?

Have a question? No problem just reach us via email!

Email ->

Or in need of urgent assistance, then contact us via phone! (905) 845-9430

Check out website at