PSB Fitness


What’s up Fitness people?


At PSB Fitness, you can start as a rookie or a veteran or somewhere in the middle. No matter where you are in your fitness career PSB Fitness can help you elevate your daily fitness levels. This will also make sure you get to your short- and long-term goals effectively. Student life can get hectic and can negatively affect your mind and body. To keep your life in balance PSB Fitness is at your service.


Why join us for Fitness?


We know we have just started and most people even the young ones like you must be wondering why should I join this gym when I have so many better tried and tested options. Well, we have you covered in almost every way possible when it comes to fitness. From cheap monthly payments to yoga instructors, we have it all. Keep reading to find out all the things you would want to see in a modern gym!


What is in it for you regarding Fitness?

Equipment ready for you to lift

Free first month for all members to fully test the limits of everything that we will offer. On top of this no upfront fee. This will help you analyze everything we offer and see if other gyms offer the same facilities at the same price or not. For the students, it will be budget-friendly, for your information we have kept your weekly hangouts and movie plans in mind while giving this offer. To add to this wonderful benefit, we have yoga instructors too that will help you in person and virtually to become amazing at Yoga.


Yoga at PSB Fitness

You must be wondering why haven’t we mentioned swimming pools yet? Yes, we do have a swimming pool! Learn how to swim with professional instructors that guide you through every step of the way, from the first erratic lesson to professional strokes in the pool. PSB Fitness also offers virtual and in-person lessons regarding fitness from professionals. This is free of cost monthly lesson on how to keep yourself fit. Topics such as nutrition, weight training, and cardio are all covered under this. We take pride in focusing on you. We do this by assigning an instructor to you twice per week for an hour. This is covered under the monthly payment you will make.


These instructors will focus on you to make sure you achieve your short- and long-term goals. From diet, form, weights, cardio and getting the most out of your gym time, these instructors will be with you every step of the way. We will not leave you alone on this journey to fulfill those fitness goals. In the off-hours, you can contact our instructors through email and live video chat on our website. Even when they are not in or not focusing on you, you can still go ahead and ask them for tips and tricks to up your levels of fitness at PSB Fitness.

To keep things interesting, we will offer you free meals either at the beginning of your workout or after your workout. These meals will be light and refreshing to keep things balanced. Now to the least important part, the monthly payment. You will only have to pay $15. For everything that is mentioned above is included in this payment, this sounds like a dream deal, we wish we had a gym like this when we were just starting too. It is never too late, to make fitness and gym accessible.

Come join us!

We welcome you at PSB Fitness with a warm embrace, to see you become the best version of yourself physically and emotionally as well. We will be here supporting you along the journey. Whether you have a first few hiccups or you hit the ground running, we will be there for you.

Our team






VR interaction simulation workout Brampton

About us

Our PSB Fitness is a professional fitness center located in the HMC and Davis campuses of Sheridan College, one in Mississauga and the other in Brampton. PSB Fitness has a very good location and has professional fitness trainers. Our gym provides VR interaction simulation equipment with new technology so that customers can say goodbye to the boring traditional fitness mode and have fun. In addition, we provide free nutritional meals, which can ensure customers’ healthy and reasonable diet. In conclusion, PSB Fitness is committed to making every customer enjoy fitness and live a healthy life.

Our aim

Our goal is to enable all customers to enjoy high-quality services. Firstly, our customers can enjoy professional guidance. Secondly, our customers can enjoy happy fitness. Thirdly, our customers can enjoy first-class fitness equipment. In addition, our goal is to ensure that our customers can eat healthily, eat on time, and meet new friends. In conclusion, customers are our God, and our value proposition also hopes that everyone can exercise happily and live a healthy life.

Our team


Our coaching team, Jessie and Matt, are excellent and have many years of teaching experience. They founded PSB fitness after graduating from PSB. Jessie worked as a fitness coach at good life fitness, she has seven years of professional experience, she can better guide and supervise the scientific exercise and slimming of group students. Matt is a certified personal trainer with five years of experience.Every member client has a fitness program exclusively customized by the trainer, most importantly, all trainers will give detailed guidance to achieve scientific exercise results. In other words, our trainers can do anything.


Our team is very responsible. Therefore, we commit to realizing the expectations of customers and achieving customer satisfaction. For example, cleaning personnel are responsible for cleaning the venues every day, and disinfection is also carried out every day during the epidemic period. Moreover, our staff will prepare birthday parties for member clients. Other gyms may not provide laundry service. However, our team can do.

Our benefits

  • VR Interaction technology facility

Our gym has a matching VR interaction companion simulation experience, and virtual characters can accompany customers to exercise. In our gym, everyone can feel like playing in a game hall, having fun, and having fun. Different virtual scenes can be set for a 3D VR experience to make customers feel like a paradise and achieve the effect of losing weight while playing. A relaxed atmosphere can ensure all customers’ physical and mental health, and they are more willing to take active sports.

VR interaction gym

  • Free Nutritious Meals

Our nutritious meals are free. All nutritious meals are customized and very healthy and safe. We have professional nutrition teams that make nutritious meals for customers every day. The calories control according to the training programs of different customers. All the ingredients are fresh, green, and organic. Healthy food is very convenient for customers who have no time to eat breakfast or eat irregularly. Therefore, it will help them save time for cooking, achieve the effect of healthy eating, and make them energy every day.

Nutritious Meals

Why VR interaction is attractive?

The price of VR interaction gym for person who study or work in Sheridan:

Student membership card is $50 per month

Sheridan employees membership card is $60 per month

Without membership, the price is $1 per hour

The price of VR interaction gym for person who outside of Sheridan:

Membership card for off campus person is $65 per month

Without membership, the price is $2 per hour

Join us

Above all, we believe that with our professional coaches, high-end technology, and first-class services, everyone who comes to fitness can feel happy, energetic, and have good physical and mental health. Enjoy our high-quality service and first-class equipment, join our PSB fitness, and make healthier and happier lives.


Dynamic rhythm riding workout music fitness Mississauga

Nobody doesn’t want to exercise, but it’s hard to stick to it.

More and more people are becoming interested in fitness, and more and more people are loving fitness since exercise may provide unlimited energy! However, not everyone finds going to the gym for an hour or two extremely exciting. Who would want to run and lift weights if it wasn’t for a healthy body and a good-looking figure? As more than just a result, many people genuinely desire to exercise in order to improve and perfect themselves, but they are unable to do it. Although many of them have purchased annual memberships, they do not always visit numerous times. Now, PSB fitness’s Dynamic Rhythm Riding Workout combines aspects of innovative music playlists, immersive visual art, and interactivity to provide an enhanced training experience.

Hot riding workout parties with restless rhythm will make you sweaty.

In a regular gym, you’ll find nothing but equipment and exercise courses to choose from, but you might not be aware of the equipment’s and courses’ special impacts. You must apply for personal training if you want to find out!

In just 45 minutes at PSB Fitness, you can burn 700 calories! At least one to three workout instructors will lead each class. Follow the deafening music in the darkened exercise room and perform all types of warm-ups, cardio, strength training, stretching, and dynamic rhythm riding workout prescribed by the instructor. You’ll be sweating profusely, and with a few beautiful lighting effects, how can you feel like you’re in a regular gym? It’s more like a swanky nightclub!

Every beat, melody, rhythm, and musical performance is here specifically for you. The aim is to optimize the live atmosphere, whether it’s by arranging, rhythm control, or atmosphere mobilization. Make exercise more enjoyable so that you want to stick to it.rhythm riding workout

After the rhythm riding workout, PSB-Nutritious meals are served!

For members who subscribe to our meal plan, we prepare according to their time and needs. Students, some of whom may need such convenient services to help them quickly replenish the nutrition they need before, after class or before and after the workout. Also, they can choose to pick up or deliver to the camp. In addition, we provide personalized service to members who have subscribed to fitness meal plans by providing healthy and nutritious meal services tailored to their individual needs.                            Personalized nutritious food

This is a brief introduction to our PSB fitness program.

In Mississauga and Brampton, we opened PSB gym most recently. Every coach on this team is a superstar! They are dedicated, professional, and continually strive to improve themselves and you! In addition to the most popular riding lessons, there are also boxing, Zumba, yoga, and other fitness classes available. The exercise classroom is equipped with huge lighting and music, as well as a range of washing machines, in order to better carry out fat reduction, sculpting, fitness, and leisure and enjoyment. The bathroom provides a variety of toiletries, towels, bath towels, etc. Our members can feel free to grab healthy, fresh juices and salads at the leisure bar area. We also hold various themed parties regularly every month to create a PSB community boutique life.

Promotions and Pricing Offers for Your Training Program

There are no sales and no impulse purchases here. We provide a free trial for the first experience at PSB fitness. Once you experience it, I believe you will fall in love with it. If you like it, you want to get fit, and you want to stick with it, why not choose it?

We also hold activities and games in the main venues of the two fitness centers every week. Gamers can take part in the challenge and complete a range of sports tasks that we have prepared. When someone succeeds in the challenge and promotes PSB Fitness on their social media platform, we would provide the free course trial and nutritious meals as rewards. Even if the challenge fails, they can also get some nutrient-dense snacks. For more information, please visit

PSB Gym Fitness Centre – Physical and Mental Health


Are you looking to exercise? Do you want to improve your mental health? Do you want to become the best you? Then you are looking at the one of the best Gyms in the GTA! The PSB Gym Fitness Centre is for you! 

PSB Gym Fitness Centre is a go-to stop for people all around. We want to make sure that our members can get to where they want to go. Whether they want to improve their physicals or mental health, learn better eating habits, be trained and learn exercise routines, our gym is the way to go. We want our members to be able to have a healthy and proper life style to achieve whatever kind of goal they want with affordable prices.

Who are we?

PSB Gym Fitness is a Gym that operates on Sheridan that is lead by Jessie, our head fitness instructor who has 7 years of experience, and Matt, who is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience. Jessie and Matt are both PSB alumni and wish to provide amazing opportunities to their clientele.  Their main goal is to provide a good and healthy lifestyle to their members and leave them with a good Sheridan experience.

Who can join?

Our gym is open to Sheridan Students and Non Sheridan Members. There are different types of membership plans that we provide to our members. All people are welcome to our gym!

Members who sign up will have access to all PSB Gym Fitness Centre services. The following services include:

  • Access to exercise equipment such as exercise machines, free weights, etc
  • Pool, hot tube, and sauna 
  • Basketball Court
  • Track
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • One on One Personal Fitness Classes 
  • Women Section Gym
  • Yoga Classes
  • Boxing Classes
  • Self Defense Classes
  • Zumba Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Nutritional Meal plans for weight loss or body building
  • Vr interactive exercises follow this link to see more about it! 

With all of these different options we provide, members have no problem finding something to fit their own needs. Whether they want to work out alone using our equipment, space, or work out in a class, private personal lesson, this is all available for their needs.

What is the pricing?

As mentioned above, we offer different options for memberships:

Sheridan Students:

PSB Fitness Student Membership : $14.99/Month


  • Access to PSB Fitness Centre at HMC and Davis
  • Access to all gym equipment, services, pool area, basketball court, and classes

Non - Sheridan Student:
PSB Fitness Non Student Membership : $19.99/Month


  • Access to PSB Fitness Centre at HMC and Davis
  • Access to all gym equipment, services, pool area, basketball court, and classes

Why you should join! 

Our aim is to help YOU achieve your goal! We want to see our members work on improving their own mental and physical state, whether that is done using our equipment, aid from our trainers, or from attending our classes. We want to set our members on the path to their own goals!

Covid-19 Rules 

If you have any flu-like symptoms, please stay home and get tested for the safety of everyone.

We ask our members to wear masks when walking between areas when they are not exercise. 

Masks are not mandatory while using equipment. 

Please wipe down equipment before and after use for everyone safety

Please wash your hands before and after entering and leaving the gym. 

For more information please refer to this:

Hours of Operation

We operate based on how early classes being and a couple hours after classes have finished

Monday: 6 AM - 12 PM

Tuesday: 6 AM - 12 PM

Wednesday: 6 AM - 12 PM

Thursday: 6 AM - 12 PM

Friday: 6 AM - 11 PM

Saturday: 9 AM - 8 PM

Sunday: 9 AM - 8 PM


Sheridan College – Hazel McCallion Campus

4180 Duke of York Blvd., Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Sheridan College – Davis Campus

7899 McLaughlin Rd., Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9

For more details follow this link: 


VR interactive gym Brampton

About us

PSB fitness‘s two gyms are in Mississauga and Brampton, near Sheridan College’s HMC and Davis campuses. The PSB fitness center in Brampton has both a superior geographical environment and professional services. On the one hand, it is adjacent to Shoppers world, with a convenient traffic location. On the other hand, we combine professional fitness with intelligent technology to provide you with professional guidance and interesting VR interaction. There are professional fitness coaches, reasonable meals, and top-notch equipment here, just to give you perfect service. Join us, exercise in happiness, and meet your better self.

PSB Fitness

Our culture

Business philosophy

Strengthen your body, manage your life, and achieve health.


Firstly, PSB Fitness creates a relaxed and interesting atmosphere in all aspects. No matter the environment, product or service, the customer’s feeling is the foundation of the service. We try our best to treat everyone as our friends and make everyone feel as warm as at home.

Secondly, adhere to customized services. We pursue diversified and customized products and services and adopt personalized fitness programs and meal matching to effectively meet customer needs. It can strengthen the effect of fitness to the greatest extent and achieve its own goals. At the same time, it can also make customers feel satisfied, and then fully enjoy the fun of fitness.

Finally, PSB Fitness is trustworthy. Our fitness coaches have many years of working experience in the fitness industry. Therefore, PSB Fitness is not only willing to share fitness knowledge and experience with customers but also pays more attention to reality and puts customers’ safety and health first.


Exercise change life

Our goal

What does PSB Fitness want to do? 

PSB fitness firmly believes that “life lies in exercise”, and enjoying exercise is the most effective way to keep fit. We believe that fitness should be closely linked with life. It not only helps achieve the goal of physical health but also helps promote mental health. Therefore, we are committed to providing effective services to everyone through a professional team and cost-effective prices. It is hoped that more people will recognize PSB fitness and participate in us.

In the future, we hope to promote this healthy and self-disciplined lifestyle through the two fitness centers near Sheridan college. A cohesive cultural atmosphere can be formed in Mississauga and Brampton. So that everyone can effectively achieve the goal of self-discipline and self-improvement.

Fitness man

Our Products and Services

Fitness Trainer

Jessie: graduated from PSB with 7 years of experience as a fitness instructor.

Matt: graduated from PSB with 5 years of certified personal trainer experience.

We have a professional team of personal fitness trainers. They have been professionally reviewed, have rich teaching experience and professional fitness knowledge, and are sincere and reliable. At the same time, they are also good at communication, can timely and fully understand the fitness needs of each member, and make plans in advance.

VR interaction

Our gym is specially equipped with VR characters to interact with you during your exercise. Firstly, this avoids the tediousness of traditional fitness and brings an immersive interactive experience to the process of fitness. It is like having a friend accompany you to exercise. Secondly, such a positive sports environment will urge customers to carry out the set of sports indicators. Finally, such VR interaction will improve mental health, mobilize hormone levels, and make customers’ mentality more positive.

Nutritious diet

Our gym provides healthy meals for every customer who subscribes to meals. On the one hand, the meals we provide are green and healthy food, which is enough to meet the nutrition required by the human body for a day. On the other hand, we will customize different meals for customers to meet their personal needs. In addition, it is very convenient for students who have no time to cook or have no meals for other reasons. They can come to the gym to get a nutritious and healthy meal.

Our offered

What can PSB Fitness provide?


  • Experienced personal trainers
  • Customized training programs


  • Kettlebells, boxing sandbags, barbells, dumbbells, stretching belts, aerobic sports equipment, etc.
  • Towels, separate showers, separate changing rooms

Health care:

  • Customized nutritious meals
  • Fascia relaxation massage

VR interaction

  • Social interaction with VR characters

We will do our best to help you achieve your goals faster.

Fitness girl

Exciting price

PSB fitness implements a monthly membership system.


Basic monthly package: $79.99/month

Premium monthly package: $99.99/month


Basic monthly package: $95.99/month

Premium monthly package: $115.99/month

The basic package and advanced package take two hours, and the advanced package includes daily meals. In addition, students can enjoy student discounts with their ID cards!

Take it easy!

Come and participate in our offline activities and have a chance to win discount cards!