PSB FC: Pilon School of Business Fitness Club

Also Known as PSB Fitness, the Sheridan college’s Pilon School of Business’ fitness club and gym offers amazing mind and body transforming activities, located on both the Sheridan College campuses in Brampton and Mississauga.
"Health is Wealth" A famous quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“Health is Wealth”
Regular fitness exercise has a lot more than just keeping you fitter than an average person. It improves cardiovascular health, maintain weight, reduces risk of deadly type 2 diseases like Diabetes and Asthma, and also, helps you stay you active and alive. Along with physical fitness, your mental fitness is equally important. It reduces stress, increases motivation, energize your spirits and also helps you stay away from depression and anxiety. In order to help you stay away from these, PSB gym offers numerous activities including the gym, fitness sessions, sports, yoga, and personalized diet plans.

We at PSB are always looking forward to innovative ways to keep our community healthy and motivated with a strong soul. We encourage them with healthy lifestyles and vigorous solus.

About our services
CrossFit Gym
PSB Fitness is proud to hold a CrossFit gym with top of the line Technology equipment in the area. We make sure to provide every type of equipment that are necessary for each fitness goal. We have highly experienced personal trainers who help you learn about different machines, how to use them safely, which machine or exercise is right for you and which one to avoid. Our modern technology machines include multitude of treadmills, rowing machines, stair masters, ellipticals, seated arm weight, dumbbells; book a virtual tour to check out rest of them!

24/7 Sports and Pool
Staying active in physical sports is a great way to stay fit along with having fun. To encourage fun and enthusiasm in our community, PSB has a vast sports club which has a 2 match basketball court, a skating ring, a swimming pool, a rectangular field which has a soccer, handball and hockey field surrounded by a 800-meter athletic ring. PSB regularly hold events and championships in these multiple sports to maintain the spirit of sportsmanship amongst our members.

Yoga and Mediation
To keep the soul calm and stress-free, PSB offers many mindful activities including Yoga sessions, Tai Chi (a Traditional Chinese exercise involving deep breathing) and meditation in the woods for a peaceful atmosphere. Our unique motto has always been to keep the soul and mind stay calm and fit just as we keep our body.

Aerobics and Martial Arts
Our eligible members get choices of various other activities like Martial arts, Aerobics and Zumba to indulge in a fun way of staying fit. Out trainers are very well experienced and certified and have high knowledge about these activities.

Complementary Services
 Other than these we offer many supporting services to fulfill overall needs of our members.
• We have a cafeteria which serves healthy food including shakes and proteins at very affordable prices.
• We also have eucalyptus infused steam and sauna rooms for a relaxing spa after intense workout.
• Our gym includes a functional training area including boxing bean bags.

Nutrition and Diet Plans

Diet is as important for the body as the physical exercises. With an unhealthy diet its very hard to maintain a fit body and perform workouts because our body needs protein rich food. Our health experts are highly experienced and qualified who follow our unique process t o determine diet plans. They take an assessment of the members which includes height, weight, their medical history, their calorie intake, their health goal and many other areas and then determine a proper diet based on that.

An illustration showing importance of diet in a healthy body.

Package Options:
Gym Package (includes 24/7 gym and functional training) $40/Month for yearly or 45/Month
Silver Package(includes Gym Package benefits + sports + swimming pool and games area) $50/Month for yearly or 57/Month
Gold Package (includes Gym package + Silver Package + martial arts + yoga + meditation + discounted rates on Personal trainer and other services) 60/Month for yearly or 70/Month
Loyalty Membership (includes all other packages’ benefits + Personal Trainer + Diet plan + special discounts at protein cafeteria and championships entries) 85/Month for yearly or 100/Month

* Sheridan Student enjoy special discounts ranging from 40-100 % based on their fees and programs. A Sheridan student id. card will be required to one of our consultants to check it for you.
* Referrals enjoy special discounts that are: 2 referrals get $20 off on your next month’s payment for all + shaker bottle for all. 3 referrals get $30 off on your next payment for all 4 + a gym bag for all. More than 3: $45 off on your next payment for all + free personal training for 6 months.

The Pilon School of Business fitness center associated with Sheridan College offers members a gym that is clean, hygienic, with COVID-19 precautions, quality staff and services. All these at one of the lowest fees in the market. We deliver our highest efforts, so our members get their best experience. In Conclusion, Nothing but the best here at PSB! Come see one of our Fitness consultants at your nearest campuses to get a membership tailored to your lifestyle.

PSB Fitness Tracker Band – Detailed


The PSB Fitness Tracker Band is a fitness gadget that can be primarily used in gyms for workout sessions and other exercises. It has been created by the PSB Fitness Centre which is operating at the Sheridan college campuses, Mississauga. It can be used by people of any age range above 16 years of age. The fitness tracker provides support and motivation needed for the individuals to carry our the workout. Moreover, it also provides guidance on a daily and weekly basis based on the body condition of the individual. It sets certain perks and goals for properly reaching the desired result. The band can easily be linked with your mobile or PC which shows the currents stats.

PSB Fitness Tracker Band (Spectrum Violet)

4 P’s

The fitness band consists of many product benefits such as:

Users will get 3 months of of PSB Premium which provides the users with with personalized motivation, guidance, and insights in reaching their goals. Also, the band measures your everyday workout activities such as steps walked, distance covered, calories burned etc. This is very effective for people who wants to reduce the body weight and burn calories. Uses 24/7 heart rate measuring to ensure the smooth working and blood of the hearts. The PSB application gives the users a daily and weekly report of their progress and workout activity for the set period. Even if the individuals are engaged in the workout activity, they get notifications for Call, Alerts, Messages on their wrists. A newly added feature to the smart band sector is that it can provide water resistance up to 60 meters and can be used for swimming.


The price for the product id $60 . We want users to enjoy the finest features and best experience throughout their workout, but at a lower cost than the premium. The price is fixed between premium and normal pricing. Even though the price is much lesser than its competitors, there has been no compromising in the materials that has gone into the manufacturing of this product. This price includes all the benefits such as the free 3 month subscription with no extra cost. The fitness center also provide additional discounts to users who buys the Fitness Center membership and fitness band together.

The Fitness Band will be available at both HMC and Davis campuses where the fitness center is located. Moreover, the product will also be launched online through the PSB Website Application where the customers can buy and will be delivered to their homes at no cost. The unique benefit users get from the distribution chain is that if the stock available at the fitness center is finished, they can order online, and it will be delivered home directly from the manufacturing supplier at no extra cost. If the users want to avail the additional discounts offer, they will have to purchase the product from the fitness center itself.


The company is using a sales promotion strategy in which all the users will be given a free trial of the PSB premium for 3 months. This includes all the premium features for the said period. After that, it their choice whether or not to extend their subscription which is $5 a month. This feature is chosen for the band as to provide the users a chance to enjoy the full premium benefits of the band. The premium package will be more promoted among professional fitness customers as they have more intentions and motivations in keeping their body always fit. The company has promoted the additional benefits scheme in which if you are purchasing the membership in the fitness center and the band together, you will be getting the purchase discount.