Startup Fitness Sheridan in Mississauga

Startup Fitness Sheridan in Mississauga


This startup fitness facility is a new state of the art gym located near Sheridan in Mississauga that helps people reach their fitness goals.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to you physical and mental being. Here at PSB Fitness, we strive to offer a state of the art new and modern fitness gym while incorporating a never-before-seen culture within the gym environment. Our clients can expect new and innovative equipment, competitive pricing, cultural values, and a judgement free zone all whilst achieving great physical and mental results. Because we are near Sheridan in Mississauga, clients can expect huge upside due to our startup prosperity & fitness goals with little worry on traveling.

Who We Are & Who We Look For

A man holding two weights
Dumbbell racks have various weights available.

We are looking for goal orientated individuals who enjoy working out and engaging in healthy activities. Or if you’re a beginner in the gym world this is the place for you as you’d fit right in when finding similar people with similar goals and physical progressive aspirations as you. Even though you might procrastinate on your fitness, which is normal by the way, our location makes it easy to stay on top of your plans and we help you achieve what you’re looking for.

We promise seeing yourself 6 months from now on our innovative profile tracker will push you even further to create a masterpiece of a healthy lifestyle! What’s better than a before and after picture that’s full of validation.

Follow in the footsteps of already existing clients, or pave your own path with catered workout plans designed specifically for you.

We reward our clients’ hard work through exclusive events and included montages and highlights as well as an updated profile report that tracks your physical progression that we guarantee will have you feeling proud of yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Online Fitness Experience by Sheridan College HMC

At PSB Fitness we offer our clients everything they need to stay motivated and on track to achieving their fitness goals. Due to COVID-19 restrictions maintaining an active lifestyle has been become more and more difficult for Sheridan College students. However, with our online fitness experience by Sheridan College HMC and Davis Campuses, staying active has never been easier!

Myzone's virtual fitness classes can tell if you're slacking | Engadget

PSB Fitness App Layout

This app is equipped with personalized workouts, gym buddy features, online nutritionists, progress photo guides and much more! We understand that everyBODY is different so as part of the sign up process, the app will ask a series of questions related to your body type and fitness goals. This personal survey will allow our virtual trainers as well as nutritionists to better understand and create the plan that best suits your needs.

Whether you want to lose or gain weight, the program will offer workouts that tackle various areas of the body and include different types of fitness activities such as HIIT and Yoga to spice up your exercise routine. For all those who crave a social, interactive experience, our virtual gym buddy feature will allow students to meet others on the same journey which will help motivate and create relationships in the long run. PSB Virtual Fitness app also offers students a progress photo guide. This feature will allow the app to access previous photos and use a transparent overlay to emphasize accomplishments and inspire you to keep moving forward. Most gyms nowadays don’t even offer virtual memberships but we understand that with the busy life young adults lead, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to travel there and back. The PSB virtual fitness app will allow you to workout at 3PM or 3AM, whatever time fits YOUR schedule.

PSB understands that with a great student comes great responsibility… and debt. Our monthly in person membership starts at $19.99 a month but our online fitness experience by Sheridan College HMC and Davis campuses will give you everything you need for as low as only $9.99 a month. Compared to other gyms in the area as well as other online fitness apps, PSB’s online experience is much more affordable.

Let’s Compare

One of the most popular gyms in Mississauga and Brampton would be Goodlife Fitness. Their membership rates are starting at $29.99 per month which is more than what you would pay for our base gym membership.

30 Day Fitness app available on iPhone and Android will cost you $9.99 USD per month . In comparison to the PSB Fitness App, 30 Day Fitness is lacking in additional features such as online nutritionist, workout variety and more. With that being said, for someone on a budget, PSB Fitness App is the best possible deal you can find.

More Active More Savings

For those looking to save even more, the app will include a rewards system allowing you to gain more points as you complete different phases of your personal workout plan. These PSB points can be converted into discounts and coupons such as 50% off next month, free 5 day visits to any of our in person facilities and giveaways such as protein powder, resistance bands and more. By only being able to obtain points as you complete day streaks or reach certain fitness goals, PSB is hoping this will motivate you even further to keep pushing forward in your journey to achieving a healthy and active way of life. Additionally, if a friend signs up through your invitation link, you will automatically receive a $5 credit to your account.

With that being said, PSB’s Virtual Fitness pp is an exciting experience like no other. Being active is key to living a long and healthy life and PSB Fitness is here for you, anywhere, anytime.

Meal Plan Generator Based On Macros – New App

It can be hard to stay on track with your fitness routine. Meal plan generator based on macros is the most effective way to meal plan. Working out is only half the battle, the other is keeping up with your nutrition. This is why, PSG gym located in Mississauga Ontario, is launching their very own PSG Nutrition App.

PSG Meal Plan Generator Based On Macros App

The PSG Nutrition app feature will generate meal plans according to your fitness needs. How it works is you plug in your fitness goals, and it will calculate your macros. From there the app generates meal plans according to your macro calculations. It does not stop there… in the app you will also be given different meal plan recipes so that you can follow the exact meal prep process.

Studies have shown that eating a balanced diet can contribute to better physical health, but also better mental health. It’s important to know that 80% of fitness gains is done in the kitchen. Food is an essential part of our everyday lives and having a meal plan generator based on your macros is even more essential. So, let PSG Nutrition App be a part of your fitness and nutritional journey.

Using the Meal Plan Generator App

Once you download the app you will have to do a 5 min quiz so that we can determine your personal fitness goals. Your current weight, age, and gender will be taken into account for the macros calculation. Once the quiz is done you will receive hundreds of potential meal plans that you get to chose from. So, if you’re a picky eater, or someone who’s balling on a budget, there is no need to worry, we got you covered.

Workouts at PSG Fitness At Sheridan

Share With Friends 

The app is also integrated with our PSG Fitness App, and you can share your results and what you are doing with your friends and family. Sharing your goals with friends and family is just another way to stay accountable and we are always better together.


Fitness Instructor Brampton Mississauga

Why would you need a Fitness Instructor Brampton Mississauga?

Who you are

gym Mississauga brampton

Welcome to PSB Fitness, we offer Fitness Instructor Brampton Mississauga. Tired of putting in sweat and time at a gym and not seeing any results? Are you just starting your fitness journey, and need direction? Have goals you want to achieve? Do you need motivation or accountability to push you forward? Do you have a physical condition that restricts you from working out when you want to?

If you said “YES”, it’s time you started thinking about working with a professional fitness trainer. You are probably wondering what a fitness trainer is? or what they do? Well, there are two types of fitness trainers in the industry ones that are certified and ones that are not. While certifications are not required, it does help boost the trainer’s likelihood of a contract. To be a certified fitness trainer, a person must have either an undergraduate degree in kinesiology or exercise science. Along with a national level certification offered by ACSM (American College of sports medicine). Also, should have experience as a fitness instructor to successfully practice as a fitness trainer.

The career of a Trainer

Those that pursue a career as a fitness instructor love to help others and be in the most optimal shape. Fitness instructors help motivate others to achieve the desired body they want. Instructors have practical experience under their belt. They know the most optimal, safest, and easy to implement and maintain methods to the desired body. Their skill sets range from creating an exercise routine for specific individuals to creating custom meal prep guides to get the body you want. The food you eat is usually more important than the exercise you do, and fitness trainers are the ones to helps you out. So, whether you need motivation, a push, an expert to show you how to. Or you simply want to know the healthiest meals to eat, think professional personal fitness trainer.

Fitness Instructors

At our fitness centers operating out of HMC and Davis Sheridan campuses located in Mississauga and Brampton respectively. We have two enthusiastic and experienced owners of a recent start-up, one of which has 7 years of experience as a fitness instructor, while the other 5 years as a personal trainer, and both know and would love to help you achieve your goals. Why join PSB Fitness?

Fitness Instrustors

Who we are

At PSB Fitness, we understand how busy life can be, especially with the current state of the world. Along with our physical centers located in Mississauga and Brampton, we also offer online sessions. These sessions are live and pre-recorded so you can watch whenever 24/7. Along with our online classes, we have a diverse catalog of meal guides to get the body you want, but for some, general meal prep isn’t good enough, which is why at PSB we have personal fitness trainers who will work with you to design a custom meal guide just for you.
And if you’re thinking “hey, I don’t like these group session classes, I want a one-on-one experience”, well we have you covered. Our personal fitness trainers work out of Mississauga and Brampton so you can book a one-on-one session at any time, and they will work with you and push you to be the best you can be.

Fitness Instructor Brampton Mississauga Promotion

Right now, for a limited time only if you are a student or faculty attending Sheridan Mississauga or Brampton campus you can get exclusive access to our services with a 1-week free trial. Join us today as we at PSB Fitness bring the gym to you, try us out while the offer lasts, cancel anytime.

fitness instructor

Mississauaga Exotic Fruit Smoothies At PSB Cafe

Written by: Edwin Dapaah

Sunday, March 1st, 2020


At PSB Cafe we are now offering at Mississauga exotic fruit smoothies at PSB Cafe in order to meet the demand for healthy, foreign alternatives to the common fruit drinks. Apples, bananas and oranges are boring and a thing of the past. The modern consumer wishes for something more exciting and that is what PSB Cafe is willing to offer. This post will be going over exactly what fruits will be introduced into the PSB smoothie landscape and when they will be rolled out for your convenience!

Dragon fruit

One of the fruits that will be rolled out in smoothies will be the Dragon fruit. The dragon fruit is a versatile fruit with a unique taste that is fleshy and juicy. Perfect to mix with whey protein for a gym user post workout fuel. The dragon fruit is relatively low in calories as well so for a customer who would be very concerned about the number of calories of what they consume this smoothie would be ideal for them. For people that have a decent grasp of nutrition, they understand that even 300 more calories than expected for their maintenance calories can cause them to gain extra weight. With the dragon fruit smoothie that will be a worry of the past as the relatively low-calorie count will keep every athlete feeling energized and not weighed down or lethargic. Dragon fruit is also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients such as fiber, calcium and vitamin B. Fiber helps with digestion and the overall wellness of how your body breaks down other nutrients so our Dragon Fruit smoothie would also go well with someone’s meal in order to help them digest better, and get on the go faster.


The second exotic fruit is Soursop. Soursop is an extremely unique fruit that not many of the average person knows about. Soursop is an odd-looking fruit (like Dragon Fruit) but boasts a very interesting taste. A mixture of sweet and sour tastes will intrigue most people and totally surprise them with this fruit. Not many smoothie stores will have Soursop available as a smoothie option so this will indeed cause a buzz around the Sheridan campuses for PSB Cafe. Soursop is also relatively low in calories so even for customers outside the target audience, anyone who may watch their caloric intake may be interested in trying the Soursop smoothie. Soursop is also high in fiber as well as Vitamin C. Both being noted as essential vitamins and nutrients for the human body.

Miracle Fruit

The third exotic fruit that will be added to the list of new exotic fruit smoothies to be rolled out for PSB Cafe will be the Miracle Fruit. The Miracle fruit is truly in its title. The miracle fruit is often used with sour tasting fruits in order to offset the taste due to a molecule in the fruit called miraculin. Miraculin causes the receptors on the tongue to perceive sour things as sweet. Therefore we have chosen at PSB Cafe to add in the Miracle fruit with lemon to create an amazing low sugar smoothie that will be perfect for someone who is very serious about their sugar intake. Sugar intake directly correlates with wellbeing and our target audience would be quite pleased having a smoothie that is low in sugar but also yields a great taste.

Closing and Regards

The additions of these three smoothies are a massive boost for PSB Cafe and we truly believe that it will take it by storm. We hope that you can check in PSB Cafe in April 2020 when we launch these new exotic fruit smoothies so that you can enjoy it with us. See you then!


Edwin Dapaah

Custom Beyond Meat Subs In Mississauga!

PSB Cafe Opens a new custom beyond meat restaurant in Mississauga!

Custom Beyond Meat Subs in Mississauga!

This is an example of our custom beyond meat subs after being purchased.
Always wanting a custom beyond meat subs? Are you tired of getting the same meal every day? And not being able to customize to your personal liking? Well look no further at Sheridan’s PSB Café you can custom make your beyond meat sub to your liking! Our new café will have many products for you to eat during your long and busy day at school. Products that we offer includes subs, sandwiches and also salads. Giving you the ability to custom make your own beyond meat meals at our Mississauga location. In today’s blog we will be talking about the benefits of customizing your meals. Benefits includes having the ability to create your own unique sub while try new and different flavours at each visit.

After reading this blog post we hope that we see you at one of our locations in Mississauga to try and to customize your sub to fulfill what your taste buds are craving! Also, be sure to check out our other blog posts regarding our PSB Cafe!

Custom Beyond Meat Subs!

Another example of our custom beyond meat subs made by our customers to their taste.Today we are introducing our new PSB Café. At our café we offer beyond meat products such as subs and many more. Our café specializes in the ability of customization. What this means is that you will be able to customize your own sub to your liking as we also have many topping and sauces that you can implement to your delicious sub.

Some of the benefits that customizing your meal gives you, would be the ability to create your own unique sub and to also try out new and different flavours while also having that beyond meat/vegan meat in it. We want our product to fulfill our customers’ needs as we have done research in regards of customization. Our goals were to see how our consumers would perceive/react to a café that offers beyond meat subs in Mississauga. Below there are some stats that show the consumers perspectives with customizable products that they can eat and enjoy.

Why is customization so important??

  • From research we have found that 65% of consumers like to try new flavours from time to time, this also relates to our business and what we want to bring to our consumers which is the ability to customize your meal to your liking as we also have many topping for you to selects and add on to your personalized meal
  • Another study has shown that people loves to customize their products to their personal taste, as it would make the food much more enjoyable compared to the same old sandwich you always get, individual taste is very important as over 70% of consumers expect customization. At our café we want to ensure that we can customize our products to your personal taste. As this is one of the points that makes us unique and different compared to our competitors. 
  • Having the ability to ensure that everyone enjoys their meal is very important. As we have a very diverse culture we must be able to cater to everyone’s individual taste as not everyone is the same. That is why with our customizable subs we will be able to fit everyone’s needs while also providing you with amazing and delicious food for your long and busy day at school.

Come try our custom beyond meat subs in Mississauga!

At our café we don’t want to serve the same menu every time and the same products to you. We want to create quality food and ensure that you can customize your subs with the most imagination possible. As having that personalized experience for our consumers is very important. Creating an enjoyable experience with unique subs and toppings is what we want to offer to our consumers. Visit our social medias, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And come try our delicious beyond meat subs and customize to your liking, then visit our PSB Café in Mississauga NOW!!

Author: Linton Ho

Tasty Healthy Beyond Meat Meal Mississauga

PSB Cafe Opens New Tasty Healthy Beyond Meat Meal in Mississauga

Are you looking for some a Fresh, Tasty Healthy Beyond meat meals in Mississauga?

When you are sitting around doing a school project or cramming for that exam you have or just chilling with friends on campus and you get that craving for food, but your not sure what to get. You do know that you want something that will be quick, and convenient. You want a tasty healthy beyond meat meal Mississauga that will fill you up. Well PSB Cafe is the place for you, With products ranging from Subs, burgers, salads and entire meals PSB Cafe is the place to be. All of our products are presented in the best shape giving the desirable taste that you’re looking for. Tasty Healthy Beyond Meat

PSB Cafe is a modern, Up to date and customized cafe where people can stop by and have a tasty healthy beyond meat meal Mississauga. PSB also provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where customers are more than welcome to sit down and relax while enjoying their meals.

With Busy on the go lifestyles and not much time to spend preparing and cooking PSB does it all for you. What PSB Cafe can do is make sure that you are getting your tasty healthy beyond meat meal, but makes it for you so you don’t have to worry about prepping and cooking.

One thing PSB Cafe takes pride in is quickness and the convenience that we provide to our customers. With educated and knowledgeable staff we can provide you with your products in a quick manner that way you are not taking too much time out of your day making or waiting for food. For more information on the convenience of our product please visit PSB DIGITAL INTRODUCES BEYOND MEAT !Tasty Healthy Beyond Meat

Another thing PSB Cafe takes great pride in is our amazing taste. That’s why we are committed to providing people with tasty healthy beyond meat. What makes our products taste so well is the customization options that our market wants they don’t want to be limited to specific sub and sandwich options.

What We Can Offer

At PSB Cafe we offer that and more to our customers, Similar to a chipotle store layout all the ingredients will be laid out in front of our customers and giving them the opportunity to pick and choose what they would like on their meal. With a wide range of products and flavours customers have full control over what they want on their burger or Sub. For example someone might want a regular burger and some might want the spicy burger. This allows our customers to have the best tasting meal that they want. PSB takes pride in providing the amazing taste we have and if we aren’t then we’ve missed the mark. Tasty Healthy beyond Meat

If you’re looking for another option rather than traditional meat then PSB is the place for you. Along with our Amazing taste comes the healthy portion of our beyond meat. At PSB Cafe we will be providing you with a healthy alternative that will still give you the satisfaction of eating meat. Beyond Meat offers the consumer a variation on a meat burger that will be more environmentally friendly and a bit healthier in terms of add ons. 

With producing beyond meat comes our dedication to helping the environment. Producing beyond meat opposed to regular meat can be beneficial to the planet. As mentioned in this post by Emily Gelsomin some of the things it does are use less water and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. This ties into some of our company missions as we want to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Come Visit PSB Cafe located in Mississauga and get yourself tasty healthy beyond meat meals.

If you’d like to follow us on our social media we have Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat where we will be posting things such as deals, new products and events taking place at PSB Cafe in Mississauga. 


Tyler Reid