Holistic gym in Sheridan College – Mississauga and Brampton campus

Located in Sheridan College at the Mississauga Campus, ideally near the city center transit terminal, and Brampton Campus, near Shoppers World Brampton, PSB Fitness brings convenience to modern life. The gym takes a holistic approach to fitness. Are you experiencing stress, anxiety and need a balanced workout and emotional therapy to get back on track? PSB Fitness is the perfect fit for you. The gym focuses on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Adopt wholesome living, find the time to heal yourself: “Relieve your stress, work out and live Holistically now! Start with PSB Fitness.”

Sheridan students

As a student, it can be challenging to find the right balance between work, studies and health. Students can now sign up for sessions between classes and work without additional commute. Manage your time efficiently, benefit from easy access to your lockers and parking. What else can our students ask for? If you are having a hard time to cope between school, project deadlines and work, you feel anxiety and do not know where to turn to beat stress, PSB Fitness is the solution. You are not alone on this journey. Our certified counsellors and professional gym instructors will guide and equip you with personalized sessions.

Product offering

Find the balance in your life and take out only 30 minutes in a day to come and experience the life changing approach to holistic living. Benefit from the below offerings:

– 30-minute group sessions for Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics and Zumba
– Access to treadmill, ellipse, stationary cycle and weights
– Personal training option
– Nutrition and Diet counselling
– Relaxation and Meditation
– Free group Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions

We also provide virtual workout sessions and recorded training sessions by our professionals can be accessed on our website. Our gym breaks the boundaries of space and delivers workout and EFT sessions when and where you need it.

Additionally, PSB Fitness brings to you the natural alternative therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, which includes acupuncture and acupressure tapping methods. Blocks and imbalances in the flow of energy can lead to ill health. Tapping on the fingertips can help bring the harmony of your energy levels to heal emotional, mental and physical blockages. This technique can be helpful if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress, weight loss issues and other problems. You can also book personal therapy sessions with our certified counsellors, chiropractors, reflexologists, and massage therapists. Our gym aims to harmonize your mind, body and soul.

Time to heal!

The wait is over. It is time to heal and overcome anxiety, join PSB Fitness now with a one-time enrolment fee of $20 and a monthly membership fee at only $50. Yes, you heard it right, at only $50 benefit all these unique services which PSB Fitness provides. Our gym is affordable for you. We also provide an annual membership fee of $500.

With the launching of our gyms, the first visitors will have the option to sign up for a free trial for 1 week on all components of the gym offered in the first 3 months. Book your free trial now! Be sure to bookmark our forthcoming event in your calendar, the PSB sporting contest which will be organized at Sheridan College on May 12, 2021. The top 3 winners will get free membership access for 3 months.

PSB Fitness accompanies you in the toughest journey of life, we give you support and educate you how to live holistically. Benefit from our special wellness fair with herbal products, aromatherapy, and home remedies for common health issues. You will learn how to become independent, prepare quick and healthy balanced diets. Explore what wellness means. We will prepare you for life. Join PSB Fitness now. For more information, you can email us at info@psbfitness.ca or contact us on 1-800-555-2233.

Amazing Beyond Meat coming to Sheridan College

Don’t look “Beyond” the new PSB Cafe for you’re lunch needs

Beyond Meat Burgers
Shows the exciting look of alternative foods

Beyond meat products which are offered at the PSB cafe, are radically changing the fast food culture within Sheridan College’s HMC and Davis campuses and their local communities. The beyond meat Burger and other soy-based meat options allow PSB cafe to offer vegetarian and vegan alternatives some of our classic and most loved foods. Being able have your burgers, sandwiches, and subs. In a manner that allows you to feel excited that they are meatless and still a healthy source of protein.   



The exciting world of Pea Protein

Pea Protein floods the scene
These little guys pack a big punch!

Pea protein has become a common replacement within Beyond Meat burgers instead of Soy. When it comes to peas as an alternative from soy. It really is boxing match between the two plant heavy hitters fighting for the title better more complete protein. This time don’t overlook the little green guy in the corner. When analyzing pea protein, you will find all nine essential amino acids and plenty of branched chain amino acids. Such as some of the most important like leucine, isoleucine, valine which are considered some of the closely linked protein chains for muscle gain and development. not only do peas have some of the most crucial amino acids from muscle growth peas also effectively stand beside things such as whey and other meat associated proteins. With studies proving all types of proteins are just as effective muscle growth and development. With all this talk about amino acids we have to mention peas having a substantially higher amount of fibre and allow for easier digestion versus soy. Also, some of the health benefits heavily side with peas. For starters unlike soy please do not have any form of negative genetic problems cause for males. And do not negatively impact the hormonal systems. Leaving peas as the golden standard when it comes to your protein source alternatives.


Getting away from beef-based burgers and all of their problems

Red meat loaded with cholesterol
Red meat loaded with cholesterol

 Switching to a beyond meat burger and meat alternative. Isn’t only an amazing source of protein but also amazing u-turn from all of the terrible aspects of a hamburger. For those people who wouldn’t you know there are a handful ingredients and additives in your burger that are questionable at best. Things like ammonia that are found with in meat products and is purposely infused to kill bacteria. The only issue with this is it’s not removed before human consumption. Also red meat is very high in health damaging fats such as trans fats. With such high amounts of trans fat found in your favorite fast-food burger. Eaters have to remember how dangerous trans fats are for your heart health due to the increase in bad cholesterol levels.


Overall Conclusion

Looking at beyond meat as a healthy and beneficial alternative when it comes to looking away red meats. Beyond meat has a huge powerhouse sitting in its corner. With pea protein being such a crucial aspect of the beyond meat burger and providing some serious health benefits. People can’t look at peas the same way anymore. Not only are they effective and natural way of gathering protein but also the lack of any other negative health aspects is amazing. They are low in heart-stopping trans fats, while also keeping your hormones in check and preventing any form of potential risk unlike the other form of vegetarian protein. beyond meat checks all of the boxes when it comes to not only worrying about your health your taste buds with the absolute delicious alternative to red meat. The beyond meat line up at the PSB cafe at Sheridan colleges campuses. Is a solid win due to its green heavy hitters.

So come by Sheridan College’s NEW PSB Cafe TODAY and try these amazing new healthy Beyond Meat products!




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What Makes PSB Café Luxury Doughnuts Expensive

.Box of Doughnuts

Published by: Bobby Petrovski

The Luxury Doughnuts Background

PSB Café is one of the only cafes in the Mississauga location that creates luxury doughnuts that you have never seen before. They started back in late 2019 but now just started to pick up in popularity in early 2020. If you have not been on social media to see the news, these doughnuts have been all over the internet in excitement. People showing off their flawless design in their creations all over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. PSB started with a passion for making doughnuts that look nice but just recently they hired artists to make doughnut luxury art. They started to grow rapidly every day and receiving countless customer feedback. One customer quoting “not only do the doughnuts look so luxury in style but they taste increasable”.


How are the Doughnuts Made?

The doughnuts are made in house, meaning we have a team of staff that makes all the doughnuts everyday by scratch. Crafting the dough, cooking, adding all the topping, glazing, and even if a doughnut looks off or has a mistake in it, we make sure not to display the doughnut because of the imperfection it has. PSB really tries hard to show themselves that they are selling luxury doughnuts and it is not just a joke to customers. They make sure that there are extra batches just in case of any errors of the cooking process.

PSB take time in there work and wants to make sure that every customer is satisfied in what they are paying a luxury price for. The average cook time on these luxury doughnuts are over an hour. Meaning if you wanted to pre-order these doughnuts you would have to call in at least an hour and a half in advanced just in case of high traffic in the store. An employee quotes “We take our time here and care for our customers, we want to see there smiles on there face and watch them freak out over how it was even possible to make these doughnuts look so luxury and taste increasable. They are always at a loss for words”.



These luxury doughnuts are not cheap. The only negativity that PSB gets is that these doughnuts are not cheap for the average person to come every other day to buy these luxury doughnuts. Although they are expensive the reason being is because of the time it takes to make a batch of these wonderful doughnuts. Some of these customers also forget that PSB uses high quality and local ingrediency to make their luxury doughnuts because they want the best posable outcome on the design. A singe doughnut will run a customer on average $5.48 after taxes. Must be shocking to hear, again this is not your ordinary doughnut that you see at a grocery store or on a television ad, this doughnut luxury.


A doughnut with a candle on it

Overall, PSB Café are doing some wonderful things with the community, by buying their resources local to make their luxury doughnuts. You need to buy expensive to make expensive. Let alone the art that customers are receiving in a box to take home and show it off to their friends and family on social media is just amazing. They have a hard working and caring staff that treats everyone with respect no madder what. Although these doughnuts are expensive people shouldn’t be, so price focused. Customers should start to care more of the reason on why it is expense and how these luxury doughnuts are being made. Again, due to the time it takes to make, customize and display these prices should seem reasonable to pay for PSB Cafes luxury doughnuts.