Common Dental Problems Explained (A Sensodyne Initiative)

Recognizing dental problems or symptoms of oral disease early is essential. Firstly, this can help ensure that you receive the right treatment. Secondly, it helps prevent them from becoming more serious. Our helpful guide will help you learn about some of the most common dental and oral problems. 1.TOOTH SENSITIVITY Dentin hypersensitivity is a common … Continue reading Common Dental Problems Explained (A Sensodyne Initiative)

Sensodyne FAQs

Tooth Sensitivity FAQs -Why are my teeth sensitive? Enamel wear and/or receding gums are the most common reasons for sensitivity. Cold or hot items stimulate certain triggers around nerves in this exposed area. As a result, one feels the characteristic short, sharp jolt of tooth sensitivity pain. -Are sensitive teeth a sign of a more … Continue reading Sensodyne FAQs