Sensodyne FAQs

Tooth Sensitivity FAQs -Why are my teeth sensitive? Enamel wear and/or receding gums are the most common reasons for sensitivity. Cold or hot items stimulate certain triggers around nerves in this exposed area. As a result, one feels the characteristic short, sharp jolt of tooth sensitivity pain. -Are sensitive teeth a sign of a more … Continue reading Sensodyne FAQs

Sensodyne – Relieves Sensitivity. Improves Mouth Health.

Why Sensodyne? Sensodyne toothpaste is the No.1 dentist-recommended toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth. It provides the benefits of fluoride, cavity protection, fresher breath, and whitening. Sensodyne provides lasting relief for sensitive teeth, with twice-daily brushing. How do you treat sensitive teeth? Good oral care habits make it easy to manage tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity can … Continue reading Sensodyne – Relieves Sensitivity. Improves Mouth Health.