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What is the PSB fitness gym with loyalty program in Mississauga?

Welcome to the first gym with loyalty program in Mississauga where the more you exercise the more rewards you unlock.  

This is PSB Fitness! We have the best gym with loyalty program in Mississauga. In this app you will be able to enjoy our special promotions and rewards. For instance, somo rewards might be coaching sessions, health diagnostics and the opportunity to participate in our weekly challenges. In addition, we have created an environment where everyone is welcomed, by introducing a coach that will guide you on your very first day! As you progress through our loyalty rewards program you will be able to enjoy this experience with your friends while receiving special promotions. Similarly, like in a videogame you will be able to gain points by completing the weekly challenges, visiting our gym, and bringing friends. 

Top Rewards of the PSB fitness gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

1. Bring your Buddy Promo

One of our most anticipated rewards in the best gym with loyalty program in Mississauga is the “Bring your Buddy Promo”. This reward lets you bring a friend to the gym with you for free! If your friend decides to subscribe with us, you will receive a free bonus month of gym membership. However, your friend will not leave empty handed as you will both receive extra points in your gym loyalty program.

Add you buddy as a friend in PSB fitness loyalty program app and you will be able to share your progress with each other. Compete with each other and challenge them to different goals that are recommended in the app and the winner will receive extra points!

Friends working out in Gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

2. Coaching Sessions

New memberships come with a free personal training session! You will also be able to unlock this reward by:

-Completing 4 weekly timed challenges set in the app.

-Winning a gym competition through the app.

-Bringing 3 friends that subscribe to our gym for at least a month.

-Subscribing to our gym for another 4 months.

Other rewards regarding coaching sessions are special discounts unlocked in the fitness pass.

Coach helping new member in Gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

3. Health Diagnostics

Keep track of your personal health goals and progress with our Health Diagnostics rewards. You will be able to check your muscle mass, body weight, fat percentage and water weight. With this important information, our specialized coaches will be able to guide you to complete your goal by recommending the proper exercises and workout programs. In addition , you can manually keep track of these statistics which will be presented in graphs and analysis to see your progress. 


4. Weekly Challenges

PSB Fitness app will publish weekly challenges and competitions that will offer extra points upon completion! These may include challenges such as:

-Go to the gym with loyalty rewards program in Mississauga for 7 hours this week. 

-Push your personal record!

-Run 5K in the treadmill.

You can also set predetermined options of challenges with your friends and receive extra points as well. Gym is more enjoyable with friendly competition with your friends! Participate in our monthly gym competiotion to get a BONUS price! For instance, some of these might include free coaching sessions, free health diagnostics, extra month subscriptions, daily passes for friends and special secret suprises. 

Weekly Challenges scoreboard in Gym with loyalty program in Mississauga

5. Healthy Recipes and Tips

A balanced diet is essential for your health! That is why, PSB fitness app offers a variety of different diets to meet different goals. These can also be personalized with an extra fee to match your specific requests. Some members also share their own recipes here! Get to know other people at the gym and share your tips with them! You may find new training partners to challenge.

Our gym with loyalty program here in Mississauga will offer new and better recipes the more you progress and improve.

Whats included when joining the PSB Fitness gym with loyalty program in Mississauga?

-Access to our exclusive online gym loyalty program in Mississauga.

-Modern fitness equipment that is safe and easy to use.

-Express Fitness program built by alumni that caters to students. It offers shorter but effective workouts for those who have limited time.

– How-to promo: new memberships come with a free personal training session

– In person/ on campus interactions where staff share service details with students

-Free Internet access

-Flexible service and payment options.

Great location! Accessible to city centre transit terminal, central of Mississauga and Sheridan College.

You can download our app on both, Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Our gym with loyalty program in Mississauga is located here!