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Travel To Unique Adventures and Personalized Experiences

Welcome Traveler. If you are looking to go on a journey to a place that is filled with adventure, then you have come to the right place. PSB Travel allows you to expand yourself in different cultures, you may also chose to personalize your own travel experience. If you are someone who considers themselves to be a passionate travel and lives for the thrill to

explore the world while creating important memories, you have come to the right place..

At PSB Travel, we have experienced agents who understand the desire for worldly experiences and thus, go beyond the ordinary to help you cultivate that experience. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast earning for

thrilling escapes, or a culture lover who is eager to get out of your work place and immerse yourself in new traditions. Our team of experts is here to transform your wanderlust into reality.

Unleash Your Wanderlust: Travel into Sustainability

You may be a recent university grad who is looking for some relaxation after all those years of hard work. You may also be someone who believes that as humans, we must do our best to reduce our carbon footprint. Well look no further, with a deep commitment to environmental responsibility and cultural preservation, our services will invite you to embark on sustainable journey that leave a positive footprint.

In an era that is becoming more defined by responsible traveling, our goal is to set ourselves apart by dedicating our services to making sure that we are leaving a better world behind. We understand that the beauty of our planet is fragile, and it is our duty to make sure that we leave it in a way that preserves its natural wonders. By choosing sustainable travel option, our goal aligns with our ideals which is to ensure that the future generation can also experience the diverse cultures and the inspiring landscapes that our world has to offer.

At PSB, we prioritize the preservation of destinations and we make sure that local communities feel empowered. This means that we collaborate with local partners who share our commitment to sustainability, wildlife and ensuring that our itineraries benefit the environment. By choosing our customized packages, you become part of a movement that prides itself on becoming more sustainable.

Travel To Exotic Places
Travel To Exotic Places

Introducing our travel partners

At PSB Travel the term “Impossible” does not exist in our dictionary. We have cultivated a vast variety of network that can help you get to destinations that are more than just your average vacations. If you were looking to go Antarctica but didn’t think it was possible, well, you have come to right place because we have a package specifically designed for the ice dessert. We even offer a one night stay in the warm igloos specifically designed for the giant iceberg. We also offer a package deal to enter the hermit kingdom known as North Korea with a local guide that can answer all your questions. This package is only possible through PSB Travel extensive history of cultivating partners in foreign destinations, these are packages that you do not wish to miss out on.

Empowering solo female travelers

In today’s world, a lot of women are choosing to go on solo journey, seeking independence, adventure and personal growth. We understand the unique needs and desires of solo female travelers, and we are committed to providing them with this support. At PSB Travel, we believe that every woman has the right to explore the work at her own terms, without compromising her safety or comfort. A lot of our clients are solo female travelers which is why we offer a range of specialized services that is tailored to their needs. From carefully planned itineraries that consider safety considerations as well as insider tips on female-friendly destination. We go above and beyond to ensure that our solo female travelers have an enriching experience in their journeys. With a customized travel package for a solo female traveler through PSB Travel, you will have nothing to worry about.








Tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations

PSB Travel
PSB Travel

Upscale tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations

So are you looking for tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations. We will set you out on a journey that goes beyond typical vacations. So indulge your thirst for exploration. PSB Travel, our company that specializes in offering upmarket, and custom-made vacation experiences in exotic locations. So you can immerse in real cultures and find hidden gems. The unique selling proposition (USP) that we offer is to select undiscovered destinations. So in this blog, we’ll discuss the unique selling point and value proposition. Focusing on the unique traveler’s looking for unforgettable cultural experiences.

Indulge in luxury tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations

If you are looking to travel in luxury and want control over your vacation package. PSB Travel is committed to creating unique experiences that reflect your tastes and aspirations. For the chosen traveler, our upmarket, custom trips offer the height of luxury. We go above and beyond to create an itinerary so that we meet all your needs. From carefully chosen accommodation to custom-tailored activities. Truly personalized tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations only for you that will be beautiful.

tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations

Explore Hidden Gems and Cultural Treasures

 Maybe you are looking to travel to places and discover hidden gems. So take pleasure in our experience in finding upscale tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations. while many other travel firms concentrate on well-known tourist attractions. Our company is aware that deviating from the norm is necessary for genuine cultural immersion. We introduce you to places rich in culture and full of hidden gems by utilizing our thorough research and local expertise. Imagine taking in the peace and quiet of historic temples, visiting busy local marketplaces, or taking in centuries-old rituals. PSB Travel wants you to experience travel in its purest form.

tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations
Dance in Bali

So hurry and connect with Authentic Traditions

 You can be the type of traveler who wants to experience cultural traditions. So here at PSB Travel our value proposition looks at providing carefully curated, genuine cultural experiences so you can forge a deep connection with the locations you visit. We are aware that many tourists seek for experiences beyond the ordinary and they want tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations. With us, you may take part in genuine cultural practices so that can give your travel life. Imagine learning how to perform a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto. How to dance the traditional way in Bali, or how to prepare local cuisine in Tuscany. These deep encounters establish bonds with the locals and their customs, so they can leave you with long-lasting memories.

Embark on Your Unforgettable Journey


So what are you waiting for, here at PSB Travel we are dedicated to making your vacation aspirations a reality. Take advantage of our current promotion as you set out on your voyage of cultural exploration. Hurry up and book your luxury, personalized holiday package right away. So you can have tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations. By doing this, you’ll help us become more visible online and advance our mission to improve your online experience. Discover the world’s hidden gems with the help of our team of professionals. So let us direct you towards unique cultural encounters that will inspire and educate you.

We do the work so you don't have to

Travel in its purest form with PSB Travel with our tailored vacations to undiscovered destinations. Our USP of personalized luxury and our value proposition of genuine cultural immersion work together so we can produce vacations that are truly unforgettable and help you get to know the real spirit of the places you travel to. So we warmly encourage you to accept the challenge and set out on a life-changing journey that goes above and beyond your expectations. So join us and be a part of our quest to improve internet exposure and offer exceptional cultural experiences by booking your luxury, personalized vacation package right away. 

Start Your Journey Today: Book Your Luxury Customized Vacation Package and Discover Hidden Gems with PSB Travel!

Accessible Wheelchair Vacations Mississauga

Traveling should be an enriching experience for everyone, regardless of mobility challenges. In this post, we’ll explore the growing popularity of Accessible Wheelchair Vacations in Mississauga, Group Tours, and Ocean Cruises. Discover the benefits of these inclusive travel options and gain insights to plan your unforgettable barrier-free adventures.

Discover a world of accessible travel and adventures


Beirut Beach at sunset taken by Firas Alftayeh

Accessible group tours have gained significant traction, offering tailored experiences for wheelchair travelers. At PSB Travel, we prioritize accessibility, ensuring knowledgeable tour operators guide you through popular destinations like Rome, Barcelona, and Tokyo with ease. By traveling in a group, you not only enjoy enhanced accessibility but also forge meaningful social connections. To choose the perfect tour, consider vital factors such as accommodation accessibility, transportation options, and available sightseeing opportunities. Rely on our expertise and the testimonials of satisfied travelers to ensure a seamless and enriching journey.

water falls taken by Firas AlftayehThe Rise of Accessible Group Tours

Picture yourself sailing the seas on a fully accessible cruise, exploring exotic destinations with ease. At PSB Travel, our ocean cruises prioritize wheelchair accessibility. With accessible cabins, amenities, and facilities onboard, your comfort and enjoyment are paramount. From dining venues to entertainment spaces and public areas, we have taken every measure to create a seamless experience for wheelchair users. Even shore excursions are adapted to ensure accessibility. Listen to inspiring stories from wheelchair travelers who have experienced the joys of cruising with us. Feel free to reach out to our team at PSB Travel to discuss your specific requirements and embark on an unforgettable voyage.

water falls taken by Firas AlftayehPlanning Accessible Vacations

Planning an accessible vacation requires careful consideration, and at PSB Travel, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Explore wheelchair-friendly destinations worldwide, and rely on our expertise to recommend accessible accommodations with the amenities you need. We understand the importance of transportation options and ensuring accessibility to attractions, landmarks, and activities. By communicating your accessibility needs to us at PSB Travel, we will work diligently to create a seamless and enjoyable experience tailored to you. Engage now! with our disability advocacy partners and travel communities for additional insights and recommendations. Together, we will create a customized itinerary that caters to your desires, enabling you to easily explore the world.

water falls taken by Firas AlftayehPractical Tips for a Smooth Wheelchair Travel Experience

Preparing for a wheelchair travel experience may feel overwhelming, but rest assured, we’ve got you covered. At PSB Travel, we provide practical tips to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible. From preparing your wheelchair and mobility aids to packing essential items, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist for your convenience. Our experienced team will guide you through navigating airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Additionally, we assist in communicating with airlines and other travel providers to arrange necessary accommodations well in advance. We highly recommend utilizing resources and apps that offer accessible travel information and assistance. Count on us at PSB Travel to support you throughout your travel journey.

water falls by Firas Alftayeh

At PSB Travel, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore the world without limitations. Our Accessible Wheelchair Vacations in Mississauga, group tours, and ocean cruises planning services are meticulously designed to bring your travel dreams to life. Let us create unforgettable, barrier-free journeys for you, fostering a more inclusive and accessible world for all.

water falls taken by Firas Alftayeh



What are you waiting for? Book now!


PSB Fitness Core Strength


Your Fitness journey starts here with

General Membership

Membership starts at $25.99 per month.

Sheridan Student + Alumni Discount

Extra 15% Sheridan Student + Alumni Discount. Just load your One Card and tap and go!

Free Trial

Email us for a 1 day free pass and any location.

About PSB Fitness

PSB Fitness has 2 New Gyms at Sheridan College Campuses in Mississauga and Brampton. We have a multi-level state-of-the-art gym with brand new equipment open 24/7 and are located steps away from the Transit stop. Our facilities include a common gym area equipped with treadmills, weights and other gym machines, along with a yoga room, a private room for friend workouts. Additionally there is an indoor track on the upper level, double basketball, and badminton courts, changing room with lockers, a smoothie bar and a massage chairs! We offer group fitness classes and personal training. We are the leading choice for gymgoers looking for an inclusive and convenient atmosphere to let individuals who are seeking a healthier lifestyle and wants to reach their personal fitness goals.

Meet the Founders of PSB Fitness Matt and Jessie
Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience, and he brings with him 15 existing clients. He can create a custom workout regimen for all kinds of people, from beginners, and intermediates, to experienced gym goers, specialists, or all-around enjoyers. Matt has worked with youths in the summer where he has special classes to teach teenagers how to effectively use gym equipment to get maximum output.  
Jessie has 10+ years of experience as a fitness instructor at GoodLife Fitness and an amazingly great personal instructor. Her broad knowledge of personal fitness goals, Yoga and Zumba will surely help you along your personalized fitness journey. Jessie is simply a favorite among moms at the gym, as her one-on-one classes for new moms are a greatly appreciated.  She strongly believes exercising weekly helps improve mental health! So, whether it is your first time or a pro she will gladly get you on track to meeting your fitness goals.  your fitness goals.♥

Why PSB Fitness is the right choice for you:

Workout Area.
Mississauga PSB Fitness Gym. Affordable Gym with group classes to meet new conections.
Group Yoga.
Basketball and Badminton Court.
Two guys using bench press
All Brand New Modern Equipment.

Share your pics #PSBFitness on Instagram or Click below to see our latest Instagram tags!!! 


Amazing Results
" Three months of doing various at-home exercise videos on YouTube 5x/week didn’t accomplish much of anything. Six weeks with Jessie and I’m seeing results and feeling better than I’ve felt in years."
Sarah Doe
Marketing Analyst (Sheridan Alumni)
“If you haven't figured it out by now, this is gym heaven for a guy who likes his gym bright, clean and full service facility. When I started my fitness journey I was in a bad place physically. My first day Matt gave me a free thorough and informative evaluation with a path forward. It has changed my life! His encouragement in training, and nutrition advice has given me results I never expected to come so soon. I am pleased to say I am approaching 20lbs + in weight loss, getting stronger every week, Matt Rocks !!!
Jason Doe
Social Media Influencer, Model.

Maps & Directions

⇐HMC- Mississauga Campus

Davis- Brampton Campus


Got Questions?


Send us a quick email to 


Call us at  905-1234-123 x1

Follow us on

PSB Fitness Mississauga



Join us Tuesday and Thursday for our all-inclusive Kick Boxing/Muay Thai lesson from 6-9PM. Beginners and experts welcome. EQUIPMENT PROVIDED, please RSVP before event!



 Women and LGBTQ+ friendly environment, with inclusive activities made for those who new to fitness and don’t know where to start!

Located in the heart of Sheridan’s Mississauga campus PSB fitness is made for the Sheridan student. With our fresh gym facility and fun fitness programs find a community of people just like you!

Why Join PSB Fitness?

Sheridan has a vibrant varied community of students. We pride ourselves in being different. These are the values PSB fitness was founded in.


Being you is all we want from you and through that we connect students of all backgrounds. We all share one thing and it is the need for community and fitness. 


Beginners and experts are welcome to all our fitness activities and programs! All programs welcome!



Join our fitness community to meet other Sheridan students!

Equipment & Facilities



Personalized weight rooms that include an array of machinery




Wide gym spaces for our well-known community activities


Ø  Themed work outs during holidays!


Snack and protein shake bar open for all members!

That sounds cool…must be quite expensive though!

NOPE. At ONLY 100$/semester our simple membership includes all of the listed above.

…. but don’t just take it from us. Hear it from your fellow classmates!

“When I first started Sheridan, I moved from my home country all on my own. I was afraid that I would never make friends. Through PSB fitness I managed to find a great group of friends from two different programs from mine! Now I have workout buddies and great memories for when I graduate college.”
2nd Year - Advertising Student


PSB fitness

PSB fitness with meal planPSB Gym Mississauga/Brampton



We are proud to say that we have been in business for 28 years and we are dedicated to providing one of the best fitness and wellness experiences with our top-end products and our expert coaches and personal trainers. At PSB, We strive to make your experience a life changing journey through our enhanced classes, virtual and in person Q&A sessions, as well as our expanding PSB fitness community. We aim to cater to your needs, and make sure that we walk with you on your journey to make sure you achieve your goals every step of the way. We are excited to open our biggest PSB Fitness in Davis Campus, in Brampton, and we can’t wait to begin our practices with you amongst our 37 locations all across Canada.



Full length of young African man in sports clothing doing squat while wearing virtual reality glasses. Studio shot. Future technology


We offer different perks and opportunities for you to start your journey with remarkable experience. Our services include:

  • Flexible gym classes to your schedule.
  • Affordable prices for both products and services.
  • Complimentary diet advice.
  • Online community with VR rooms setups for better gym experience.
  • Q&A drop in sessions with our most experienced life coaches and personal trainers.
  • Free internet access





Access to all location

$179 Annual fee

FREE gym bag

Unlimited massage chair use

Gratitude gym access for one family or friends permitted





Virtual class

Meditation class

Group aerobics

Group bicycle

Happy athletic people jogging on treadmills in a health club


Students and Staff get an additional 15% discount for the first 3 months.





Evening meals increase the risk of being overweight



Metabolism decreases with age


THIS COULD COME AS A SHOCK, however listen to us…

Toss your scale out in light of the fact that you will not be requiring it.


To begin with, at the point when you figure the pounds won’t fall off, they will. Your scale number may not change when you get on it and you might add bulk and muscle weighs more than fat. It’s more about how your body feels, how your garments fit and how you’re seeing yourself.


Therefore, to shed pounds, you really want to consume a greater number of calories than you consume or eat less calories than your body utilizes every day. In the event that you don’t have a calorie deficiency, you won’t shed pounds.


However the most widely recognized misinterpretation about strength preparing is that you’ll get massive. Running against the norm, strength preparing will help you the most with regards to getting thinner and all the more significantly, keeping the load off. That is on the grounds that you will consume more calories over the course of the day by expanding your resting metabolic rate.



In the event that you’re an individual from a neighbourhood rec center, request one from our mentors to show you some strength-preparing activities or assist you with making an everyday practice. You could utilize free loads, machines, or both.


In addition to this, in the event that you like to resolve in your own home, you can likewise get a few hand weights and a weight seat to use at home. Fortunately there is plenty of free (and paid membership administrations) content accessible on the web to find out about legitimate structure and how to appropriately utilize loads.









How to reach us

Phone number: 905-233-9291


Address: Davis Campus, 7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON. L6Y 5H9

               HMC Campus, 4180 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Gym With Fitness App and Rewards in Mississauga and Brampton

Rewarding Gym With Fitness App

PSB Fitness and It’s Goal

PSB Fitness is founded by Jessie Hughes and Matt Jackson who are both PSB graduates and are professionals in the fitness industry. Jessie and Matt have been friends for over 9 years and have always shared a passion for fitness. They have dedicated their lives to not only achieve their own physical goals, but they have also guided hundreds of other people to achieve their goals and aspirations. Jessie has an experience of 7 years in one of the most well-known gyms in the GTA. On the other hand, Matt is a certified personal trainer with 5 years experience and several clients under his guidance. To further help people with their physical goals and aspirations, PSB provides an on site facility as well as a fitness app for remote workout sessions.

Both individuals have collectively come together and made it possible for students and other individuals in the peel region to attain their desired physical wants in a fun and affordable manner. PSB fitness was born from the passion and expertise of both the founders. Since Jessie and Matt can relate to the stress and hardships in the lives of college students, they have made it a priority to make a healthy change in the lives of students by providing them with an outlet that helps them cope with stress. Join us to be a part of the greater change!


You can join us on your journey to healthier life at:

7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton ON – L6Y 5H9

4180 Duke of York Boulevard, Mississauga ON – L5B 0G5

Memberships and Prices

We offer our customers two membership based on their occupation (students). Both memberships include full access to all the amenities and equipment provided on both the PSB Locations. However, due to our partnership with Sheridan College, Sheridan students will be charged a lower premium compared to other individuals.

Membership for Sheridan Students


Membership for Regular Customers


Jessie has 7 years experience as a Fitness Instructor

A Gym that Supports your Growth

PSB Fitness App and Gym to Make your Dreams Come True

PSB Fitness Strives to provide the best outlet for you to make a healthy change in your life in a fun and exciting manner. Therefore, it is important for us to push you to do your best, as well as take care of all your fitness needs. Hence, we offers a full 24 hour access for both our locations to all our customers. The gym membership includes access to equipment as well as a steam and sauna. Along with full access to the gym, PSB Fitness also offers experienced trainers that can be booked at an hourly rate in order for you to achieve your physical goals and aspirations. To further aid your fitness progress, as well as to take care of your required nutrition PSB Fitness also has a Supplement shop at both our locations.

You can track your calorie intake and output using our PSB Fitness+ app on your IOS and Android devices. You can also burn calories and earn rewards at the same time! It’s fitness and fun put together! You can also find quick 30 minute workout routines that can be performed at home and at the gym. Workout on site, or workout remotely, burn calories at your convenience!

The Biggest Loser Award!

For all the people who are joining PSB to lose weight and lead a healthy life, they can join our brand new contest called the The Biggest Loser Award! It sounds better than you think it is! People who are trying to lose weight can take part in the contest, and at the end of the month the person who loses the most weight will get a coupon for 1 month free membership at PSB which can be used at any time desired.

Startup Fitness Sheridan in Mississauga

Startup Fitness Sheridan in Mississauga


This startup fitness facility is a new state of the art gym located near Sheridan in Mississauga that helps people reach their fitness goals.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important to you physical and mental being. Here at PSB Fitness, we strive to offer a state of the art new and modern fitness gym while incorporating a never-before-seen culture within the gym environment. Our clients can expect new and innovative equipment, competitive pricing, cultural values, and a judgement free zone all whilst achieving great physical and mental results. Because we are near Sheridan in Mississauga, clients can expect huge upside due to our startup prosperity & fitness goals with little worry on traveling.

Who We Are & Who We Look For

A man holding two weights
Dumbbell racks have various weights available.

We are looking for goal orientated individuals who enjoy working out and engaging in healthy activities. Or if you’re a beginner in the gym world this is the place for you as you’d fit right in when finding similar people with similar goals and physical progressive aspirations as you. Even though you might procrastinate on your fitness, which is normal by the way, our location makes it easy to stay on top of your plans and we help you achieve what you’re looking for.

We promise seeing yourself 6 months from now on our innovative profile tracker will push you even further to create a masterpiece of a healthy lifestyle! What’s better than a before and after picture that’s full of validation.

Follow in the footsteps of already existing clients, or pave your own path with catered workout plans designed specifically for you.

We reward our clients’ hard work through exclusive events and included montages and highlights as well as an updated profile report that tracks your physical progression that we guarantee will have you feeling proud of yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Meal Plan Generator Based On Macros – New App

It can be hard to stay on track with your fitness routine. Meal plan generator based on macros is the most effective way to meal plan. Working out is only half the battle, the other is keeping up with your nutrition. This is why, PSG gym located in Mississauga Ontario, is launching their very own PSG Nutrition App.

PSG Meal Plan Generator Based On Macros App

The PSG Nutrition app feature will generate meal plans according to your fitness needs. How it works is you plug in your fitness goals, and it will calculate your macros. From there the app generates meal plans according to your macro calculations. It does not stop there… in the app you will also be given different meal plan recipes so that you can follow the exact meal prep process.

Studies have shown that eating a balanced diet can contribute to better physical health, but also better mental health. It’s important to know that 80% of fitness gains is done in the kitchen. Food is an essential part of our everyday lives and having a meal plan generator based on your macros is even more essential. So, let PSG Nutrition App be a part of your fitness and nutritional journey.

Using the Meal Plan Generator App

Once you download the app you will have to do a 5 min quiz so that we can determine your personal fitness goals. Your current weight, age, and gender will be taken into account for the macros calculation. Once the quiz is done you will receive hundreds of potential meal plans that you get to chose from. So, if you’re a picky eater, or someone who’s balling on a budget, there is no need to worry, we got you covered.

Workouts at PSG Fitness At Sheridan

Share With Friends 

The app is also integrated with our PSG Fitness App, and you can share your results and what you are doing with your friends and family. Sharing your goals with friends and family is just another way to stay accountable and we are always better together.


Fat Loss Weight Training Mississauga

People can be very busy in their lives whether it’s because of work, school, or their social life. One important key in life is to be healthy, which is why the new PSB Gym located in Mississauga, Ontario will begin their Fat Loss Weight Training program!

The Fat Loss Weight Training Program is very beneficial as it gives reliable insights into your mental and physical health. This will focus on your cardiovascular strength, agility and weight training.

Rope Conditioning is a full-body workout. It requires consistent movement in a timely matter for potential fat loss and muscle growth. This technique is also used by professional athletes

The Mississauga, Ontario location is the designated area for fitness. Whether you want to focus on sports or personal health. You can train for soccer, football, and basketball. This will help you be more productive and see results as soon as possible.

Indoor training for sports is also a very helpful way to lose fat. Sports are more than just muscle, but also more cardiovascular strength.

The Artificial Turf located inside is a good space to help with your running, endurance, speed, and acceleration. Doing cardio workouts help transform and define your muscle, and train your weight in a healthy manner. Cardio tends to make you sweat which helps build more core muscle and body definition, therefore helping with your calories.

Will there be examples, locations, and different aspects of losing fat on your body?

sheridan college, Fitness class, gym, Virtual, group session. Fat Loss, wight training.

Weight Training Mississauga

Each section of the Gym has it’s own designated area depending on the body part you wish to workout on. With numerous variations and methods, there will be ways to figure out your plan on losing fat.

Having a plan to focus on different body parts per day, will help relax and build muscle. This will encourage fat loss and dedicate to weight training. Also, to make sure people do not interfere with one another, there is enough space for several drills.


As of right now, there is only one location available. Fat loss Weight Training Mississauga is the only place available. Wish you all the best on your fitness journey!Fitness and Gym lifting free-weights. The indoor facility of PSB fitness