PSB Fitness

The Best Of Gyms Close to Sheridan College Brampton: PSB Fitness

Who is PSB Fitness?

You may be wondering, who the heck is PSB Fitness?

Well to answer that, we are PSB Fitness! One of the best gyms close to Sheridan college Brampton!

Brand new to the area, PSB Fitness is your local college gym, but not only your local college gym with run down machines.

We do the best for students and locals of all ages from beginner to pro in the gym!

Since going to school, and to work is hard we hear your call and are here to provide you the fitness experience that will save you time, money and help you progress inside and outside of the gym!

We will be opening locations at both Mississauga and Brampton Sheridan Campus locations and are excited to give student a great place to go to the gym!

Why Even Join A Gym?

Wondering why you should even join a gym in the first place?

Well, there are many awesome reasons why you should join a gym and many more reasons why you should come to PSB Fitness!

Firstly, joining a gym can clear your mind from school stress!

Secondly, you’ll have more energy to tackle the day! And on top of that going to the gym will improve your health!

Are your grades lower than you want them to be? Well going to the gym helps raise your grades in many ways too!


One Of The Best Gyms Close To Sheridan College Brampton? Why PSB Fitness?

You might be asking yourself, what makes PSB Fitness so special? Well first, we are the closest gym to your school!

Meaning that all your friends will be there because it saves time, money and everyone is close by!

On top of that we offer all inclusive beginner and intermediate friendly fitness classes of a wide variety.

Want to do Zumba, Kickboxing, or Cycling we have them all!
What’s more? We have always clean brand-new machines and an in gym shake maker! On top of that bring a friend for free every time you workout!

To go over what

 we have, we give you:

Stretching StationsA quiet study room for students!
Personal Training
Clean changerooms with showers and usable towels and brand new clean workout machinery!
In gym shake maker! Bring a friend free everyday!
24/7 access and Inclusive classes!



That Must Cost Me A Fortune?

You may be thinking that this is going to be expensive. Because we know that money can be tight for you and that’s why were a gym you can afford!

We peeked at the competition and gyms can go upwards of $60.00 a month!

Gyms like Goodlife Fitness, LA Fitness, and Altea Active are all way to costly for the goals you want to achieve because they take away from other things you may need to spend money on.

However, at PSB Fitness, we are pleased to say that you can get everything we offer at PSB for only $25.99 a month!

This means you’ll have extra money to save for books, food, and even spending time with your friends!

Join Us At PSB Fitness!

Interested in being a part of the PSB community?

If so, come to PSB Fitness at Sheridan College in Brampton or Mississauga if you’re near the area or a student at the campus or sign up here!

At PSB Fitness we are the best gym close to school! You and your grades will be boosted with our easy access, affordable beginner friendly, 24/7 gym with great machines and classes!

And even bring a friend completely free every time you workout!

On top of that, for an easily affordable price of $25.99/month!

So, what are you waiting for! Join your friends and hit the gym at PSB Fitness! The best of gyms close to Sheridan College Brampton and Mississauga Campus Locations!

PSB Fitness – VRcade Mississauga


Why PSB Fitness?

Here at PSB VR Arcade Gym, along with our signature VRcade concept, we offer the best of the best that fitness can offer. This includes but is not limited to a variety of programs, trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, amenities, and more. We’re here to provide a complete experience while staying true to our fitness core. Like you, we are trying to be the best versions of ourselves possible so we are adapting!

Weightlifting area.


We offer a variety of different services, classes, and amenities. These include things like:

  • Exercise Equipment and Machines, Free Weights, Plates, etc.
  • A Full-Sized Basketball Court
  • VR and Arcade Themed Workout Games
  • A Full 400m Running Track with Multiple Lanes
  • Group and also Individual Swimming Classes (All ages.)
  • Licensed Personal Trainers
  • An Open Olympic Pool and also a Lane Pool
  • A Women’s Only Floor + Daycare
  • A Variety of Classes: Cycling, Yoga, HIIT, Zumba and Dance, Combat Sports, and more!


Everyone is welcome, so PSB Fitness is an inclusive safe space for any age, race, gender, height, weight, sexual orientation, and more. No excuses, if you want to be the best version of yourself, we want to help you get there!

A PSB Gym Yoga Session!

(Some of our members enjoying a fantastic Yoga session!)


At the PSB VR Arcade gym, memberships are priced in a tiered system so that we can find one that best suits your needs, and help you get it. Additionally, we have discounted prices for students with a valid Sheridan One-Card. Students can sign up on campus, at the gym, and online whilst non-students can happily access our website or speak to a front desk associate. Subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis and our prices are as follows:

  • Student Pricing Ranges from – 29.99/34.99/39.99 (Monthly)
  • Non-Student Pricing Ranges from – 39.99/44.99/49.99 (Monthly)

The first tier of pricing includes access to gym equipment, the track, and amenities.

The second tier adds access to classes for swimming, dance, Zumba, and HIIT but also allows access to personal trainers and combat sports instructors!

The third tier adds access to the Olympic Pool, Lane Pool, and also our signature VR and Arcade experience!


We have a location at the Hazel McCallion Campus in Mississauga and also one at the Davis Campus in Brampton. The hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 5 am to 11pm

Saturday: 7 am to 10 pm

Sunday: 8 am to 9 pm

Location of PSB VR Arcade Gym


PSB VR Arcade and Fitness Center is proudly run by our owners Jessie and Matt. Both graduating from the Pilon School of Business, they decided to take their athletic experience of a combined 12 years into a joint venture and started PSB Fitness on the Sheridan Campus. Since Sheridan did not have a gym in their time, they came together and brought a fantastic product for everyone to benefit from and enjoy. For more information, we have provided a link so that you can contact us:


We believe in the right of choice, and PSB Fitness will happily accept those who decide to wear masks along with those who do not. That being said, if you are not feeling so well, and you are experiencing some symptoms of illness, we ask that you stay home and isolate yourself. As per the fitness industry standard, please wipe down seats and machines upon use, and dispose of the wipes accordingly. Wash your hands upon entering and leaving the gym. Make sure you shower before you enter the sauna, or hot tub and pools!

For more information regarding public health and safety, visit

If you want to see improvement in yourself and in your life while still having fun, we are here for you! Join us at PSB VR Arcade Gym TODAY!!

Affordable 24/7 Gym in Mississauga

Rope Workout Drill at our Gym in Mississauga Location
The indoor facility of PSB Fitness

As more and more students enter Sheridan colleges they look for an Affordable 24/7 Gym in Mississauga around them as Their Friends are getting more and more involved in their health and fitness and trying to stay in shape.

We know finals slowly creep up and you are not able to get that workout in the gym due to time constraints, so why not bring the gym to you? Our at-home workouts are specialized so that you go at your own pace where you can pause and play anytime you want and if you feel like the workout is too much for you, we have different levels of intensity for your style.


We are currently offering different types of cardio classes that are a perfect fit for people who are looking to get active.

Our cardio program is designed for you to go at your own pace since we understand every individual’s energy changes depending on the day they are having, and you are looking to stay in shape.

When looking at PSB Fitness you know we are your best option since our price is perfect for new gym-goers and students looking to get their daily lift in. We ourselves were once students just like you so we understand the importance of money and time.



When you sign up you are given a student discount and a free gym that can be used as a multipurpose bag since we are the affordable 24/7 Gym in Mississauga.

During the day most students are busy with activities to further themselves in life and we know how important it is to be successful and sometimes no matter how much you might plan out your day you end up forgetting at least 1 or 2 things when you leave your house. PSB Fitness has got you covered.

We have designed our new and innovative app with special features like a built-in key wherever you go for the students who are always on the go. Another interesting feature our app provides is at-home workout videos.


One of the best options that we have in our gym is Bluetooth-connected cardio machines. We know sometimes there is a big game or you just want to do some cardio as you watch your favorite show, well we at PSB Fitness have you covered.

We are one of the only gyms that have Bluetooth-compatible machines where you can use your air pods or other Bluetooth headphones to connect to our equipment.


For the sports enthusiasts in our Mississauga location, we also have other great facilities like our Artificial Turf and a basketball court. On the Artificial Turf, you can play sports like soccer, football or even field hockey and on the Basketball court, you can even play Volleyball!

We understand not every day you are high in energy, and you come to the gym to relax. Why not try our free yoga lessons where a certified instructor teaches yoga and rejuvenates your entire body from head to toe.

After your Yoga lesson, you can have a nice relaxing time in our sauna room where we make sure it is at optimal temperatures at all times.

Woman working out in gym
The indoor facility of PSB Fitness

Everyone has their own journey when working out, but we believe we are building a close community here at PSB Fitness and we know there is a little something for everyone here at our gym, from our staff to our facilities we make sure to provide the best possible service we can. We are the Affordable 24/7 Gym in Mississauga you are looking for.

At PSB Fitness we understand that the people visiting our website are active students that just want to get a workout in with their busy schedule that is why PSB Fitness is the best option for you.

We are located in Mississauga, so you are not wasting time and looking for gyms that are further than you are, resulting in a waste of time you could have been using to get more sleep or finish that essay due next week and we meet all your needs since we are affordable in price and open 24/7, unlike most gyms. So, sign up now, and let’s work out your way at PSB Fitness.