PSB Fitness: All You Need to Know About Your Student Membership

Group Fitness Class

As a student, sometimes you don’t always know what benefits you can access. This could be anything between student discounts and the gym located in your very own school. Here is what PSB Fitness offers to its students.

Affordability and Budgeting

For students, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being on a budget. PSB Fitness provides students opportunities to create a healthy lifestyle at a price that is not going to break the bank. Every student has access to the basic gym equipment since the membership is included in their tuition.

However, this gym offers more than just basic equipment. Students can pay slightly more monthly to have access to exclusive amenities and classes.

Budgeting and Calculating

Here are the two upgrades that are available:

$25 Monthly Upgrade

  • HIIT Sessions
  • Aerobic Classes
  • Bhangra Dance Classes
  • Limited App Access
  • Discounts for immediate family members

$35 Monthly Upgrade

  • Personal Training
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Meal Planning Guidance
  • Mental Health Guidance
  • Full App Access
  • Online Recorded Classes
  • Added Bonus: Everything else in the $25 upgrade!

PSB Fitness Classes and Amenities

While keeping affordability and budgeting in mind, PSB Fitness takes the time to create ways for students to engage in activities that help them explore new ways to improve their bodies and minds. Having classes such as bhangra dance classes, HIIT, and aerobics allows students to have a well-rounded experience of targeting different goals they might have, as well as embrace and teach different cultural backgrounds.

Brampton is known for having a very diverse community, and PSB Fitness takes initiative to makes sure there is something for everyone. One of the amenities provided is personal training. Personal training allows students to be properly taught how to use the equipment and set goals for themselves. Personal training is great for those who are new to the gym and might lack motivation or are nervous about using equipment they have never used before.

Display of Nutrition Bowl

Nutritional Guidance and Mental Health

Seeing that most students have a tight monthly budget, getting the proper nutrition to fuel your body can be quite difficult. A lot of students may not even know where to start when it comes to creating a healthy meal plan and what foods have the most beneficial properties. The objective of PSB Fitness is to be able to help students find a healthy meal plan that will work in their monthly budget.

Another issue that students may experience during their academic careers is dealing with mental health. PSB Fitness offers guidance for students struggling with mental health. College students may struggle with mental health for many different reasons. It could be anything from academic stress to struggling financially.

College can get the best of you sometimes, and it’s important for students to have an outlet and a way to seek help to deal with their issues. Exercise and guidance on nutrition and mental health can have a positive effect on people. Without a healthy state of mind, students may slack in school and in the ways that they take care of their bodies. PSB Fitness’s motto is “STRONG- Mind and Body!” The main mission of this facility is to allow students to feel they can achieve a strong mind and body.

Woman Meditating by Lake-Mental Health

Why Upgrade the Bargain Membership?

PSB Fitness makes it their goal to help students be able to afford a lifestyle that is well-balanced and healthy. Students have access to upgrades that won’t break the bank and have opportunities to better their overall well-being. Sheridan College and PSB Fitness work together to ensure students can live STRONG- Mind and Body.

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PSB Sheridan Nutrition Plan

PSB Sheridan Nutrition Plan

Part of the PSB Sheridan Fitness experience!

PSB Sheridan nutrition plan is part of the PSB gym experience, while many gyms promise a nutrition plan our PSB Sheridan nutrition plan sets us apart!

Let’s first look at what the gym offers. Located at the border of  Brampton and Mississauga, our PSB Fitness gym caters to the fitness needs of our students, their family and friends and the wider community.

Healthy + Easy from PSB Sheridan Nutrition Plan
PSB Sheridan Nutrition Plan menu option

Our gym gives a number of added benefits, including the PSB Sheridan Nutrition Plan. This plan offers nutritional training to our members. Along with the regular products and services that our gym offers, such as a state-of-the-art equipment room, unique classes (Bhangra, outdoor etc.) we offer unique services that cater to the holistic needs of our students.

Our Nutrition Plan sets you up with meal plans specifically catered to your needs and special circumstances. At our Davis location, we know that a number of our members are vegetarian. That’s ok though, because we’ve got a balanced, healthy, customizable plan that’s right for you.

No Meat? No Problem! We are able to sit with our members and formulate the ideal PSB Sheridan Nutrition Plan for you.

What does the PSB Sheridan Nutrition Plan contain?

Our Nutrition Plan contains a wide range of benefits that make it flexible and dynamic.

We ensure that we consider all the options that are healthy, but we also involve you, our client in the planning. We would never create a plan without consultation, because then you’re just not gonna eat it are you? When you sign up for our Premium promotion, you’ll have the access to our nutritionist. You can make an appointment, sit with her and discuss what you want to be eating while you work out to stay healthy. We will find those healthy options for you that will taste so yummy  that you won’t know you’re eating healthy! Our healthy meal plan options are customizable and that is why we believe they’re just the right thing for you.

International Sheridan students - meal plan example

Talk to us- we will listen.

Your PSB Sheridan Nutrition Plan, is just that – yours. It is what you will be sitting down to fuel your body with everyday. So tell us, what do you prefer? Keto, intermittent fasting, vegan and even juicing- are all the latest buzz words. What’s your buzz word? Come have a chat with us, let’s figure it out.

Healthy nutrition can be “Fast food”

You’re a student, you come to the gym, you have a million assignments, you have to WhatsApp video with your parents back home – when were you going to find time to cook? The better question is – why are you asking these silly questions? Being a member of the PSB Fitness team means that all your fitness needs are met. Nutrition plays a huge part in fitness and that is why we have developed menus that are quick to put together, balanced and won’t break the piggy bank. You will have dinner prepared in under 30 minutes. Dinner while chatting with ma and pa back home- now what can be better than that?

Why wait to get the PSB Nutrition plan?

The semester creeps up on you fast, before you know it, mid-terms will be here so don’t wait. Sign up for our PSB Fitness club Premium membership now!

Our membership plans are varied with your special needs in mind, just like most everything else!

We have Bargain as well as Premium membership plans that you will be more than pleased with.

PSB Fitness Sheridan college workouts and Stress relief Brampton

PSB Fitness works in collaboration with Sheridan College Brampton Campus, PSB fitness is a gym that offers amazing work outs and stress releasing activity’s, located on campus we are ideal for Sheridan’s students and the Sheridan community.

The fitness industry is seeing a rise in both use and profit here in Canada in the past five years it has had an annual growth rate of 5.1% and the profits has risen 5.6%

As the gym industry continues to grow it becomes more and more popular for people to work out, as a former student the difficulties of having a well-maintained body and continuing my school studies are extremely difficult, that’s why PSB fitness has partnered with a college, not only to offer its students and faculty a place to go and work out and also offers them to relieve the stress of the day.

We at PSB Fitness is always looking at new ways to get people involved and encouraging them to live a healthy life styles, our newest initiative is out door fitness as the weather gets warmer, we would love to offer our new outdoor instructor lead activities, such as out door workouts, out door hikes, out door yoga, and out door sports games, and team building exercises.

Knowing the Community

We understand that Sheridan College has a huge International population, and that diversity is extremely important to us that is why we have catered some of our new out door fitness activities, to sport games and bettering sports skills such as cricket and soccer, and helping them experience sport activities, that might be unknown to them such as skating or hockey and basketball, the international population and the local students of Sheridan College have very different perceptions of people, and Sheridan is a inclusive school and a heavy group project school we have begun offering team building exercises so you can get to know your fellow group mates and class mates.

As none of the founding PSB members are international students we have done research and spoken with international students to build a persona around one, Jai Dupinder
is 21 yrs. old currently acquiring a college diploma, His ethnic background is Indian Canadian he cares about current and popular brands, he works for Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes, he works hard at school focusing on his studies and aims to thrive in his new environment away from home, meeting new people, he cares about how he is viewed and how he is perceived by others, he wants to have branded named and new item like closets and technology, he wants to stay in shape and fit, at school and living in a new place is a huge stress on him he looks for ways to relieve that stress on a daily basis he has found going to the gym or taking part in breathing exercises and distressing activities help him get through his daily life he also enjoys cricket and soccer as it makes him feel that he is back home with family and friends, he is also enjoys taking our traditional dances classes like bhangra.

Idea of an International Student

There are many “Jai’s” in the Sheridan community with a great number of them living in campus, PSB fitness recognizes that and continues to build its current and future curriculum ,of activities sports and events with those in mind.
PSB fitness also recognizes the amount of other students that attends Sheridan College we offer, instructor lead work outs, meditation, yoga, Zumba, aerobics, cycling, swimming, and sports game activities, but if you are looking for some alone time you can do all that and more by your self.

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close-up with the puck during the game

PSB GYM: Workouts for Stress Relief

PSB Gym is located at Sheridan College at both Brampton and Mississauga campuses.
We have it all for your student needs!
Our Motto: STRONG – Mind and Body!

We focus on Mental Health!
PSB Gym offers workouts specifically created for stress relief. We understand that students are under copious amounts of stress from both school and work. We also know how important it is to cope with stress so that you can put your best foot forward for school, work, and your social life. That’s why we offer mental health advice and support by certified clinical psychologists both on our app and in our gym.

Stress Relief Offerings Include:
– Workouts that are clinically proven to improve mood and reduce stress
– Counselling with clinical psychologists to help with anxiety and stress relief
– Guided mediations and yoga classes to help with stress relief
– Meal plans by certified nutritionists with foods that are clinically proven to improve mode and relieve stress
– Tips on journaling and managing thoughts and stress

Other Product Offerings at PSB:
– Gym use and equipment use
– Guided Classes: Bhangra, Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics, HIIT Classes
– Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching
– Access to PSB APP which includes: healthy meal plans with recipes, workout regimes with and without equipment, food journal with calorie and nutrient count, and chat feature with personal trainers

There are 3 tiers of Pricing:
1. Basic membership pricing is built into a Student’s tuition.
This gives access working out at the gym- use of equipment.

2. For an additional fee ($25/month) students can access the Bargain membership- classes such as
aerobics/bhangra classes
HIIT sessions
Limited app access
Family discount – immediate relatives of student get 10% off

3. For Premium service ($ 35/month) including the above as well as Personal training there will be an additional cost.
Full app access and healthy meal plans, nutritional coaching, mental health wellness, as well as online access to recorded classes
Family discount – immediate relatives of student get 10% off

Individual classes (yoga, bhangra etc) can be booked at $10/class. Advance booking required.

For Bargain and Premium membership- outdoor bootcamps, hikes, swimming and guided 5K workouts will be scheduled at no further costs. This is to be done in the warmer months – weather permitting!

Why Choose PSB?
Good question! PSB is a unique gym that caters directly to your student needs! At PSB, we understand that students are under copious amounts of stress and pressure from school demands. As we have a high international student population here at Sheridan, we also understand that part of that stress may come from being homesick. We are here to help! We offer fair pricing, family bonding, stress relief, and a unique app with special offerings. PSB Gym is always there for its members!

FREE TRIAL of premium services
PSB is now offering a free trial of it’s premium services:
– Gym and equipment use
– Guided Classes
– Full App access
– Mental health stress relief, Nutritional Coaching, online recorded classes, and Workout regimes.
This free trial of premium services is only active for one week! Through March 8 – March 12, 2021.
Click here to access free trail!

You can join PSB Gym today through our website, our app, or in person at either the Brampton or Mississauga Sheridan College Campus

Enjoy getting STRONG – Mind and Body!