Online Fitness Experience by Sheridan College HMC

At PSB Fitness we offer our clients everything they need to stay motivated and on track to achieving their fitness goals. Due to COVID-19 restrictions maintaining an active lifestyle has been become more and more difficult for Sheridan College students. However, with our online fitness experience by Sheridan College HMC and Davis Campuses, staying active has never been easier!

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PSB Fitness App Layout

This app is equipped with personalized workouts, gym buddy features, online nutritionists, progress photo guides and much more! We understand that everyBODY is different so as part of the sign up process, the app will ask a series of questions related to your body type and fitness goals. This personal survey will allow our virtual trainers as well as nutritionists to better understand and create the plan that best suits your needs.

Whether you want to lose or gain weight, the program will offer workouts that tackle various areas of the body and include different types of fitness activities such as HIIT and Yoga to spice up your exercise routine. For all those who crave a social, interactive experience, our virtual gym buddy feature will allow students to meet others on the same journey which will help motivate and create relationships in the long run. PSB Virtual Fitness app also offers students a progress photo guide. This feature will allow the app to access previous photos and use a transparent overlay to emphasize accomplishments and inspire you to keep moving forward. Most gyms nowadays don’t even offer virtual memberships but we understand that with the busy life young adults lead, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to travel there and back. The PSB virtual fitness app will allow you to workout at 3PM or 3AM, whatever time fits YOUR schedule.

PSB understands that with a great student comes great responsibility… and debt. Our monthly in person membership starts at $19.99 a month but our online fitness experience by Sheridan College HMC and Davis campuses will give you everything you need for as low as only $9.99 a month. Compared to other gyms in the area as well as other online fitness apps, PSB’s online experience is much more affordable.

Let’s Compare

One of the most popular gyms in Mississauga and Brampton would be Goodlife Fitness. Their membership rates are starting at $29.99 per month which is more than what you would pay for our base gym membership.

30 Day Fitness app available on iPhone and Android will cost you $9.99 USD per month . In comparison to the PSB Fitness App, 30 Day Fitness is lacking in additional features such as online nutritionist, workout variety and more. With that being said, for someone on a budget, PSB Fitness App is the best possible deal you can find.

More Active More Savings

For those looking to save even more, the app will include a rewards system allowing you to gain more points as you complete different phases of your personal workout plan. These PSB points can be converted into discounts and coupons such as 50% off next month, free 5 day visits to any of our in person facilities and giveaways such as protein powder, resistance bands and more. By only being able to obtain points as you complete day streaks or reach certain fitness goals, PSB is hoping this will motivate you even further to keep pushing forward in your journey to achieving a healthy and active way of life. Additionally, if a friend signs up through your invitation link, you will automatically receive a $5 credit to your account.

With that being said, PSB’s Virtual Fitness pp is an exciting experience like no other. Being active is key to living a long and healthy life and PSB Fitness is here for you, anywhere, anytime.

Sheridan College PBS New Gym App

Sheridan College PBS New Gym App is here! Sheridan College is happy to announce new “PBS Fitness” gym centers at both Hazel McCallion Campus and Davis Campus complete with at-home virtual workouts all can be accessed from the new gym app. Founded by Jessie and Matt with a combined 12 years of experience from a GoodLife fitness instructor to a certified personal trainer multiple clients PBS Fitness will be offering multiple benefits with their membership including an exclusive app. We know as a student personal health and fitness is very important but hard to maintain with studying, gyms being far and the cost of it, for convenience our gym app will offer free personal training at home alongside scheduled training and events alongside our other features in the fitness app. We understand as students financially it is hard to commit to a gym membership that is why we offer the lowest prices around offering discounts to Sheridan’s students and facility. The Gym app can be found on the PSB Fitness website or on the college website through an external link being accessible directly to anyone who is curious about their fitness or already on their health journey. We are offering a reward/ loyalty program alongside a free 1-week trial that can be accessed through the app encouraging health for life for everyone boosting their health and mental.

Being a student while maintaining a healthy lifestyle of working out and want to save time or cannot make the gym especially during these times our new gym app can be easily accessed being convenient and can be used daily on your phone alongside other apps. With being at home being more common now personal home workouts are key to maintaining and building muscle and health the new gym app will offer the easy booking to trainers who can offer one on one training that works for your school schedule. Monthly promotions for membership users such as discounts, free items/days, and special deals will all release through the gym app and can easily be redeemed in person or through the app. Booking specific workout times can be frustrating especially having to call instead we simplify this by letting members book on our new gym app easily making it so that you can ensure all your workouts are secured. Special fitness features will be on our gym app encouraging those who want to track specific goals in their daily life. These features will have a daily calorie tracker, a macronutrients tester and tracker, and a workout calorie tracker alongside heartbeat rate (If the phone has the feature). To reward members loyalty programs will allow consumers to redeem them for free days, items, and other special events such as VIP one on one training sessions. Being at Hazel McCallion Campus and Davis Campus Sheridan’s students and facilities will have bonus benefits such as discounts on already our low pricing or exclusive items.

College Working out

Features In the Gym App

• Personal home training scheduled training and events.
• Discounts and Promotions.
• Booking appointments.
• Exclusive fitness features such as calorie tracker and macronutrients.
• Loyalty rewards.
• Bonus Benefits for students and Sheridan facilities.

This Gym App can be downloaded on our PBS Fitness Site or on Sheridan’s site alongside our social media’s as seen below whether Android or Apple you will be taken to the Apple store or Google Play store to download the new gym app. Alongside these memberships can be purchased on the app with our mentioned discounts and Sheridan’s user bonuses.

Gym App Information and Can Be Downloaded at:

• Instagram
• Website (PBS Fitness)
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Appstore Or Google Store
• In Person at the Centers
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