Healthy organic pita launched now at Mississauga

New healthy organic pita at PSB Café, Mississauga!

By Giang Do

Providing healthy meals but enough nutrition for College students is still a challenging problem in any Colleges or Universities. As a current student myself, it is sometimes difficult to prepare a nutritious meal to bring to school due to my busy timetable and lots of assignments. Therefore, we come up with an idea with a unique kind of restaurant that can provide enough energy but still save time for students ưhich is a healthy pita bread night.

Try our healthy organic pita

The new C building is being built in Mississauga and is expected to be completely finished in 2021. We plan to have a new location here with an entirely new face.

It is supposed to launch a new PSB café on the first floor where we can gain the most student’s attention, and it is also the most convenient for disabled people. The new location will have individual tables or round table which has enough light and be suitable for both private study and group work. We provide seatings, wifi, phone and laptop chargers, anything which can make student’s studying more convenient. Additionally, long sofas will also be furnished in order to give a place where they can take a nap after a hard studying time.

This location is not only provided for students but also for College staff such as professors, employees, securities, and so on.

Vegetable-based option

If you are satiated with fat meat, fish, or any ingredients which can make you overweight or if you are looking for a healthy meal but still want to gain enough energy for your test, come to our restaurant, we have what you want.

Beside beyond meat option, we offer vegetable-based ingredients menu for the people who prefer having a healthy life and fit body, or they are going on a diet. For these types of people, we offer a menu which can provide enough energy with various options:

  • Salad bread
  • Grain bread
  • Oat bread
  • Egg white bread
  • And more

About these options, it still has meat, fish or protein ingredients in bread but in the controlled amount and does not make consumers worry about their weight. Because of the fact that some students abuse their diet regulations, they usually do not have enough energy to study and concentrate on their assignments to have the best results. With the protein elements, we can make sure that our customers can learn and work consciously and effectively, especially in midterm or final exams.



In my opinion, school is the most effective environment for me to complete my homework or review for my upcoming exam. So I usually stay late at school to finish my assignments. However, the cafeteria and other coffee brands such as Tim Hortons and Starbucks close soon. It is very inconvenient and time consuming for students like us to walk to Square One to have dinner or late meals.

For the reasons mentioned above, we decide to get the permission from the Sheridan College’s staff to open the restaurant until the school closes so as to support students who are looking for somewhere nearby to charge their energy. They can pre-order on our mobile app and then wait until the app is alert to pick up.

With this solution, students will not find it difficult to have a nutritious meal during deadlines time.


Comfortable place

Our purpose is not only to make PSB Café become the most effective place for College pupils to study, but it is also the most comfortable place for them to relax after studying a hard time. Due to the increase in international students, we hopefully aim to change the ordinary restaurant into a multicultural restaurant where every student is welcomed and happy to learn and exchange their study experiences together.

This location is a new model, so we still hope to see students’ feedbacks about our food, customer service and furniture as well. With this useful feedbacks, our restaurant will be improved and become the most famous restaurant among Sheridan College students.

If you look for healthy organic pita in Mississauga, come and try us!