Custom Beyond Meat Subs In Mississauga!

PSB Cafe Opens a new custom beyond meat restaurant in Mississauga!

Custom Beyond Meat Subs in Mississauga!

This is an example of our custom beyond meat subs after being purchased.
Always wanting a custom beyond meat subs? Are you tired of getting the same meal every day? And not being able to customize to your personal liking? Well look no further at Sheridan’s PSB Café you can custom make your beyond meat sub to your liking! Our new café will have many products for you to eat during your long and busy day at school. Products that we offer includes subs, sandwiches and also salads. Giving you the ability to custom make your own beyond meat meals at our Mississauga location. In today’s blog we will be talking about the benefits of customizing your meals. Benefits includes having the ability to create your own unique sub while try new and different flavours at each visit.

After reading this blog post we hope that we see you at one of our locations in Mississauga to try and to customize your sub to fulfill what your taste buds are craving! Also, be sure to check out our other blog posts regarding our PSB Cafe!

Custom Beyond Meat Subs!

Another example of our custom beyond meat subs made by our customers to their taste.Today we are introducing our new PSB Café. At our café we offer beyond meat products such as subs and many more. Our café specializes in the ability of customization. What this means is that you will be able to customize your own sub to your liking as we also have many topping and sauces that you can implement to your delicious sub.

Some of the benefits that customizing your meal gives you, would be the ability to create your own unique sub and to also try out new and different flavours while also having that beyond meat/vegan meat in it. We want our product to fulfill our customers’ needs as we have done research in regards of customization. Our goals were to see how our consumers would perceive/react to a café that offers beyond meat subs in Mississauga. Below there are some stats that show the consumers perspectives with customizable products that they can eat and enjoy.

Why is customization so important??

  • From research we have found that 65% of consumers like to try new flavours from time to time, this also relates to our business and what we want to bring to our consumers which is the ability to customize your meal to your liking as we also have many topping for you to selects and add on to your personalized meal
  • Another study has shown that people loves to customize their products to their personal taste, as it would make the food much more enjoyable compared to the same old sandwich you always get, individual taste is very important as over 70% of consumers expect customization. At our café we want to ensure that we can customize our products to your personal taste. As this is one of the points that makes us unique and different compared to our competitors. 
  • Having the ability to ensure that everyone enjoys their meal is very important. As we have a very diverse culture we must be able to cater to everyone’s individual taste as not everyone is the same. That is why with our customizable subs we will be able to fit everyone’s needs while also providing you with amazing and delicious food for your long and busy day at school.

Come try our custom beyond meat subs in Mississauga!

At our café we don’t want to serve the same menu every time and the same products to you. We want to create quality food and ensure that you can customize your subs with the most imagination possible. As having that personalized experience for our consumers is very important. Creating an enjoyable experience with unique subs and toppings is what we want to offer to our consumers. Visit our social medias, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And come try our delicious beyond meat subs and customize to your liking, then visit our PSB Café in Mississauga NOW!!

Author: Linton Ho

What Makes PSB Café Luxury Doughnuts Expensive

.Box of Doughnuts

Published by: Bobby Petrovski

The Luxury Doughnuts Background

PSB Café is one of the only cafes in the Mississauga location that creates luxury doughnuts that you have never seen before. They started back in late 2019 but now just started to pick up in popularity in early 2020. If you have not been on social media to see the news, these doughnuts have been all over the internet in excitement. People showing off their flawless design in their creations all over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. PSB started with a passion for making doughnuts that look nice but just recently they hired artists to make doughnut luxury art. They started to grow rapidly every day and receiving countless customer feedback. One customer quoting “not only do the doughnuts look so luxury in style but they taste increasable”.


How are the Doughnuts Made?

The doughnuts are made in house, meaning we have a team of staff that makes all the doughnuts everyday by scratch. Crafting the dough, cooking, adding all the topping, glazing, and even if a doughnut looks off or has a mistake in it, we make sure not to display the doughnut because of the imperfection it has. PSB really tries hard to show themselves that they are selling luxury doughnuts and it is not just a joke to customers. They make sure that there are extra batches just in case of any errors of the cooking process.

PSB take time in there work and wants to make sure that every customer is satisfied in what they are paying a luxury price for. The average cook time on these luxury doughnuts are over an hour. Meaning if you wanted to pre-order these doughnuts you would have to call in at least an hour and a half in advanced just in case of high traffic in the store. An employee quotes “We take our time here and care for our customers, we want to see there smiles on there face and watch them freak out over how it was even possible to make these doughnuts look so luxury and taste increasable. They are always at a loss for words”.



These luxury doughnuts are not cheap. The only negativity that PSB gets is that these doughnuts are not cheap for the average person to come every other day to buy these luxury doughnuts. Although they are expensive the reason being is because of the time it takes to make a batch of these wonderful doughnuts. Some of these customers also forget that PSB uses high quality and local ingrediency to make their luxury doughnuts because they want the best posable outcome on the design. A singe doughnut will run a customer on average $5.48 after taxes. Must be shocking to hear, again this is not your ordinary doughnut that you see at a grocery store or on a television ad, this doughnut luxury.


A doughnut with a candle on it

Overall, PSB Café are doing some wonderful things with the community, by buying their resources local to make their luxury doughnuts. You need to buy expensive to make expensive. Let alone the art that customers are receiving in a box to take home and show it off to their friends and family on social media is just amazing. They have a hard working and caring staff that treats everyone with respect no madder what. Although these doughnuts are expensive people shouldn’t be, so price focused. Customers should start to care more of the reason on why it is expense and how these luxury doughnuts are being made. Again, due to the time it takes to make, customize and display these prices should seem reasonable to pay for PSB Cafes luxury doughnuts.